Monday, October 19, 2015

Time and Place

Hello Friends,

I've been working on a quilt. There was a time and place for this quilt. The time was about 5 years ago when I started it, and the place was on my son's bed when he was still young enough to like it.

I re-initiated work on this quilt because my suitcase of patchwork fabrics wouldn't close. That meant that I had to either finish or throw out the half-finished projects cluttering it up.

Well, I thought to myself, I should probably throw this quilt out because the crazy colours I chose are just too jarring. But then again, I thought, I could finish it and give it to a friend who has several little boys who just might like crazy colour schemes.

So anyway, I finished it. What's more, I really enjoyed finishing it! The colours don't seem crazy at all now. 
 The red parts that I thought looked too bitsy now look like awesome, like little propellers. 
Best of all, the whole thing reminds me of my lovely blog-friend, Iris, who sent me the cool robot fabric that sparked the whole project.
The other best-of-all is that my 12-year-old son really likes it, and wants it on his bed. The right place and time turned out to be here and now.

I'm sure there is some kind of life lesson in that.