Monday, September 21, 2015

Playing with dolls

Hello friends,

The other day my Mum was reminiscing about when my older sisters were little, and they played for about 3 years with ragdolls that she had made them for Christmas. The ragdolls were sewn wardrobes full of clothes, had furniture made for them, went on holiday, got married, and finally got divorced. I felt a melancholic twinge thinking how I never got around to making a rag doll family for my own children to play with. "My children are too old for that now", I confidently said.

As fate would have it, I was tidying away some old knitting projects when I came across a pattern that Melissa had made up and referenced on her blog. It was so cute, and had that perfect amount of silly that makes a project irresistible to me. I needed to make one myself, even though my children are Too Old for Dolls.

When I made him, he was instantly seized and named "It" by my daughter who is Too Old for Dolls.

"It" needed a bed so we made him one in an old cigar box.

The bed needed making so we used hankies for sheets, and made a quilt.
And then we made another quilt, and she who is Too Old for Dolls made a suite of comfy pillows.
"It" now has a room in the cube bookcase. A carpet is being knitted for the floor. Pictures from magazines make artwork to decorate the walls. "It" has a holiday planned and needs a suitcase. Polymer clay has been acquired to make various bedroom and kitchen accessories.

Turns out she isn't Too Old for Dolls, and neither am I.