Friday, April 17, 2015

All about the blues (and greens)

Hello Friends,
You know, the internet provides the impetus to progress all sorts of projects. I don't just mean tutorials about how to do this or that, which are very useful I'll grant you, but also just the odd throw-away comment that suddenly resolves a problem and moves a project along.
The case I am thinking of was a huge bag of quilting fabric squares and off-cuts, which has sat in my stash for the last 2 years. The truth is, I was a little bit afraid of it. The fabrics were all beautiful, and were in every colour and shade. I didn't quite know where to start and feared that when I did make something, I would ruin it and it would be hideous.
Anyway, I was reading one of my favourite crafty blogs, Cozy things, and she mentioned that the first 20 or so quilts that she made she never paid attention to the backing. Well, that's an innocent enough statement, but what stood out to me was the "the first 20 or so quilts..." That was enough to remind me that like everything else, quilting and patchwork are ongoing learning experiences, and the only way to get better is to keep at it and make stuff, making mistakes and sometimes even making hideous things. 
I started by sorting out the fabrics in my favourite colours, which are blues and greens at the moment. My neighbour suggested to add some yellow and red, to stop it being a big insipid mess of bluey-green. That was good advice. Then I put it together in a random disappearing 9-patch. There are zillions of tutes if you're interested in how to make these blocks, so I won't bother with one here. Needless to say they are quick and very easy to make. I cut and pieced a king-sized quilt top in less than a week.
Here it is having a wee turn on the big bed to see how I like it every time I walk past the room. I like it a lot, as it happens. I'm now wondering about the sashing (maybe yellow?) and binding (perhaps black or red stripes?).
The backing will be simpler, and more modern. Possibly simple stripes of blue, grey, and yellow? Feel free to share your opinion.
Here are some other blues and greens; the sea and the forests of the Abel Tasman National Park. We went tramping (hiking/bushwalking) in the school holidays, it's so do-able for a family to walk this track. The terrain is "unchallenging", as seasoned trampers call it, but that's perfect for me. Three or four hours' walk every day, a comfortable hut to stay in at night, and beaches all along the route. Just lovely.
And finally, here is a cat in a washing basket. Just because. It is not my cat, but it is my washing basket.