Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello Friends,

Goodness, summer just went on and on in this part of the world, and it's only just dawned on me that it's on the way out. Nonetheless, it must be autumn, because I started to feel like a lamb roast for dinner, a bucket of feijoas arrived on my back doorstep, and I felt like updating my blog.

First up, I've made a shirt. New Look 6598 if you are someone that is interested in such details. It was easy, and so satisfying as I made it from a piece of seersucker in my vast stash of fabrics. I am always slightly amused whenever I sew seersucker into clothing because it is reminiscent of a tablecloth, and what mother hasn't felt like a kitchen accessory at one time or another?
Now that I am older and more patient I pay attention to small design details, instead of just mowing over them with a youthful devil-may-care attitude. Case in point, this small notch on the arm, which you make using a facing. Very easy and quite styley in my opinion.
The standless collar shows off the seersucker pattern rather well. Also, paying the extra money for good-quality woven interfacing has made the whole sewing experience just sooooo much better. I was given that piece of advice years ago but only recently acted on it. You were right Mary Anna.
This shirt is on an occasional rotation in my wardrobe because it needs ironing, and I am a "reluctant" ironer. Still, it's perfect for these late summer, oh lets face it, autumn, days, so perhaps I could get around to ironing a little more often.

Since we were talking of feijoas, I will leave you with the recipe for the feijoa cordial that I made last night. It's a good way of using up the runty ones.


1.5 c white sugar
1 C water
2 t citric acid
Juice and rind of three lemons
1 C feijoa (or any type of guava) flesh, mashed with a fork

Simmer all of the ingredients together for 5 min. Cool a little, then strain through a sieve and bottle. Keep in the fridge. To make it up, dilute with 4-5 parts water, hot or cold, or soda water. You could even use it to make a parochial NZ champagne cocktail.

Other fabulous feijoa recipes here!