Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here comes the rain (-y print top).

Hello friends,
The air is thick with autumn-ness here, the sun is sitting lower in the sky and its light is yellow and faded, the leaves are turning from yellow to red to brown, and the smell of quinces is all through the house. I made some quince jelly this year, rather than quince paste, because I thought there was a better chance of getting around to using it. It looks beautiful...
But oh my stars! Somehow I missed the setting point and it is rather hard and rubbery. I'm glad you can't tell that from a photo. I will pretend it's supposed to be like that, cutting it into hard little pieces as required and calling it "quince jelly jubes". I really do fancy myself as a good jam maker and this is somewhat of a humbling experience. Oh well, I'll pick myself up by the bootstraps and make some more when I get some more quinces.

In sewing news, I am pleased to report that I have now successfully used a facing, rather than bias strips, to complete a neckline. It works surprisingly well when you follow all of the instructions (I often skip interfacing, but this time I didn't). I did all the layering and understitching malarkey and well I never, it really does sit flat. I also handstitched the facings onto back of the shoulder seams and that helps a lot with making it sit flat too. I found this rainy fabric with its autumn colours just irresistible, especially at $6 per metre.

Here's one of my favourite parts, the label that I unpicked from an old tie years ago and have kept all this time, stitched on the back so that my top looks like a bought one. Entirely for my own amusement as no one else will see it, but if one can't amuse oneself then that is a very sad existence indeed.
(I just had one of those "I'm becoming my father" moments. He used to save EVERYTHING and once in a blue moon when he used a hinge or a rusty nail or whatever he'd say "I'm so glad I kept that"). I really do miss him sometimes.