Monday, April 7, 2014

Hunting: A country scene

The latest from the "Are you sure that's a good idea?" files of sewing is my new top, featuring two jaunty horseriders with dogs and country scenery, portrayed in a mosaic pattern. How could one resist such a crazy, funny print? Many might say "Easily", but not I, readers. This "refashion" is made from a scarf, the kind that junk shops have in the hundreds. I have always thought that scarves in the charity shops have the *best* prints on them, and have secretly harboured an ambition to turn them into clothing for some time now.
There are some good reasons to NOT sew with these scarves, not least of all that most of them are 100% polyester, so slippery and squeaky to sew and sweaty to wear. Still, the price of fashion is comfort and all that....I could not be dissuaded. I purchased an extra large scarf from the junk shop for $3, and made it up using New Look 6162.
Check out the print close up: 

Dogs, horses, men, trees, sky, and clouds. Irresistible, no? Or are you screaming "NO!" at your computer screen?

I made the pattern mostly according to the instructions, except I put bias binding, made from the offcuts of the scarf, around the neck and armholes. Here's a closeup of the binding, below. I don't know about you but neckhole facings always seem to pop out or sit funny. Perhaps I am sewing them wrong. Dish out advice, if you have some.
Actually I'm loving wearing this top, it cracks me up. It's not particularly sweaty to wear, and I love the brightness of the print on these autumnal days. It's as cheery as a hot cocoa, a toasted sandwich, and orange leaves blowing down from the trees. Happy autumn everyone.