Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monster Babbies

Hello friends,
How's things? It's all busy-busy-busy round here. In fact, here is a list of the things I "haven't had time" to do in the last month or so: finish painting the front door, tidy away the two piles of papers either side of my computer, read that novel beside my bed, ring that tradesman to do that job that needs doing, decide what shoes I'm going to wear to M's wedding, etc.
But guess what I DID find time to do: Make monster babies. Yes that's right, monster babies.
Monster babies are tiny and cute. However, they also do monstrous poos and weese and so they have to wear tiny monster nappies.
I wish these babies had come from my own imagination, but no, I saw them in a book, Microcrafts. I immediately recognized them as a great handmade Christmas gift for two quirky children I know. While my children pretend to be grown ups wanting ipods and motorized lego and all manner and means of expensive accessories, I knew they'd just flip for a monster baby with monster nappies, maybe also with a little monster bed, a monster pillow, and a wee monster blanket (accessories not yet made, we'll see if I "have time"). 
I threw these three together while I watched the News one night to gauge the general level of interest. As soon as I was finished the kids started with the bagsies and requesting that more be made, according to the pictures they were just off to draw. Aha! They do still like crazy homemade stuff after all. I'll make weird craft aficionados of them yet! What more could a mother want for her children?

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