Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thoughts on the knitting continuum

In my mind, there is a knitting continuum. At one end, there are essential and very practical things like warm woollen jerseys and hats, socks, mittens, and scarves: things that would keep you alive in a snowstorm along with a home-made cheese and pickle sandwich and a thermos of tea. At the other end are fun, frivolous things like, knitted sharks, goldfish, wombles, sandwiches, and so forth: things that would entertain you on a sunny day when times are good and life is simple. In the middle are the items that are somewhat practical but that also have a fun a frivolous edge to them. This category includes tea cosies and "tv slippers".
 I definite have leanings towards the frivolous end of the knitting spectrum. I would rather knit a sandwich than a jersey, and I would rather buy socks than knit them. However, when my daughter asked me to knit her a pair of tv slippers there was just enough silliness in them for me to say "Yes, of course". Also, I owed her a knitting project after just having knitted something for her brother. (I am from a family of eight children, and hence, I am very aware that I must be careful to be "fair").
Are "tv" slippers a New Zealand phenomenon? I have no idea but it wouldn't surprise me if they were. There are patterns for them in almost every junk shop I frequent, and several on Ravelry of course. This was the pattern I thought I'd follow, since it looked easy and had lots of sizes (click to enlarge, if required):
 In the end I followed a pattern on Ravelry, because it required two strands to be knitted together (= super quick). Quick! Good lord they were so quick. Two nights of tv watching, and they were all done. (Hey, maybe this is why they are called "tv slippers"?). Sylvie made the pompoms to finish them off in very styley fashion.
In terms of knitting enjoyment, this project was a 5/10. The yarn was some supersoft synthetic thing that squeaked as I knitted it, and my 4 mm needles are horrible plastic things that have blunt ends and split the wool if you don't pay attention. Yick. However, in terms of satisfaction, they're a 9/10. She likes them and wears them all the time.  And, they look really cute, in a kind of silly and fun way. I like to think that they might save her life in a snow storm.
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