Thursday, July 4, 2013

A wee quick project that rekindled my fondness for craft

Hello friends,
Sometimes I forget how incredibly satisfying it is to think of a project, gather the things you need, and do it straight away. I think many people might identify with this, since I'm sure I'm not the only one that conceives of a project without the things I need to do it, or purchases fabric without any particular project in mind.
Now I have to confess that it wasn't actually me who conceived of a project and completed it immediately. No, no, no, I am still procrastinatory, disorganized, a bit dreamy at times, and slow, as usual. It was my daughter. Towards the end of last week, she presented me with one of her craft books, the page for a simple pencil case book-marked, and asked me to get the things she needed to make it happen, tout de suite! (She didn't actually say "tout de suite" but I like that phrase very much).
 The book was this one, The Crafty Kid (Kelly Doust), which has some pretty cool projects. They are simple and achievable for a small person. There are some fun ideas, and the styling is very nice. Beautiful pictures are quite a good motivation to make something, in my experience.
I bought some cool waterproof fabric and a zip. 
We cut out the pieces.
I put in the zip.
She did the rest.
Et voila...
Altogether, the project took about 40 min (and that included getting out the sewing machine, and putting it away again afterwards). 
I resolved that craft will be back on the menu as something fun to do for myself, as well. Over the last year we have been so consumed with doing other things, mainly to the "character" house (read "character" as an old needy money-pit) that craft fell off the wagon. Well the craft monster has been unleashed. Soon my new-old house will be full of (maybe nice, maybe fugly) things I've made. Hooray! 
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