Monday, June 10, 2013

One Gloomy Sunday in June

Hello friends, I apologize for my absence lately, I kind of lost my voice for a while there. That sometimes happens with me, in real life as well as on the interweb.
Anyhoo, I would show you stuff I've been sewing lately, only it's just tooooo boring. Curtains, curtain lining, a humiliating encounter with sewing stretch knits; no, I'm too proud to show you the extent of the failure there. Instead, perhaps we can go on a short nature walk.
Here, it is almost the shortest day. When the weather closes in the sky is dark and gloomy, but when a ray of light shines through it becomes very beautiful.
This view is from a walk we like to do from our house, often on a Sunday. It snakes through farmland, across hill tops, and through different types of forest. How lucky are we to have such great places to walk through, so close to our little town?
The highlight for Harry, a New Zealand common skink, which was hiding under a log. It raised such excitement that we have renamed it "the New Zealand Awesome Skink".
 The highlight for me, because I am quite nerdily fond of lower plants, the array of lichens and fungi along the way.  
What with one thing and another it ended up being just Harry and I on the walk yesterday. It is mightily fun hanging out with a 9-year-old boy, their enthusiasm for life is just wonderful. It might even inspire me to have another crack at sewing stretch knits.

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  1. great post Jen. There are lots of beautiful walks near where you live. Mary has discovered Trademe and has been buying heaps of clothes and shoes and other "bargains". Ken

  2. I'm a little partial to geckos myself. However, only the small nz ones. I read an overseas book about gecko's and then went hunting for their eggs, only to find that our ones don't lay eggs.

    If you get a chance, look for "sew u stretch" by Wendy Mullen (sp?). It is part of hte built by wendy series. It is a great book for helping the stretch sewing mojo. I cannot rave about it enough.

  3. What a lovely walk!! Thanks for sharing. I miss you and your sister's posts and your family's sense of humour.

  4. ha- i thought you were going to say 'have another crack at having another child' there at the end. sorry. beautiful photos. i miss that walk. i'm also a big fan of lichen.