Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fun with tomatoes (and labels)

Hello friends
You know that summer is in full swing when a stranger says to you in the street "Beauuuutiful f#*&ing day, isn't it!?" (true story), ... and when there are so many tomatoes around and they're so cheap that you find yourself up to your armpits in preserving.

Things I made this year (left to right, above): loads of pasta sauce (made with olive oil, onions, garlic, tomato pulp, salt, sugar, pepper, marjoram, basil, white vinegar, and whatever vegetables I can sneak in there to torture the children with); tomato relish (from this recipe at NZ gardener, my favorite recipe even though I just know that your Gran makes your favorite kind); and something new, a Moroccan tomato sauce from Simple Pleasures (Annabel Langbein). When I first tried this new recipe I cursed aloud because it was too sweet and too gingery for my tastes. However, I tried it in a chicken tagine thing and it was very very good, so I take back all my bad words. By the way, if you have any yummy tomato things to recommend I'm all ears. I have another 7 kg on the kitchen table even as we speak.
I had a lot of fun printing off labels for these various concoctions. I found great vintage labels here and here, and also printed off these fun postal ones you see below. Being a low-tech girl I just printed them on paper and glue-sticked them, but you can print them onto sticky labels if you like. Boy, I could really waste a lot of time mooching around those websites.

Oh and thanks for all your nice comments last post. Linda, I hope you enjoy the fabric, it's on its way to you.
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  1. Hello to the lovely Miss Smith! Did you know, three times I posted a comment to your last post. Three times, it disappeared. Spooky. So if this one shows up, I will eat my hat.

    I make harvest tomato sauce, from the Annabel Langbein Free Range Cook book. It's fabulous. I think there is a clip of her making it on website. Did you know, when we were in Arrowtown, I saw Annabel Langbein wearing a lovely sparkly pink kaftan. Random but true. xxx

    1. And guess what?! Twice, twice I wrote the post above and it disappeared! There's something very odd going on with blogger and no mistake.
      That's so cool that you saw Ms Langbein. I would have been unable to contain myself and said all gushy like "I LOVE YOUR RECIPES" and then rushed away, blushing. Gush, rush, blush. I'm a poet and I know it.

    2. Weird about the missing posts! My comment was pretty funny. Never mind.

      That's exactly what I planned to do with the lovely Ms Langbein, and I was just psyching myself up to be appropriately gushy without being sycophantic, but then some other darn woman beat me to it. And then I thought I'd better just leave the poor celebrity to have her dinner in peace. So I kept my admiration to myself.

      Still, when she reads your blog, she'll find out anyway.

  2. Yum to all you have made. How about some kasoundi if you are still trying to use up those tomatoes?

    1. Yes what a great idea, I made some of that a few years ago and it was really delicious.

  3. Kasundi, 'I made some a few years ago' says it all. I make it about every four years and then it lasts and lasts for those kasundi moments when it is just what you feel like.
    Great timing with your post as I have tomatoes on the stove simmering as I type and I've lost one of my recipes and was just trying to remember what was in it. I was thinking about vinegar and paprika so they can be added.
    Great labels.

  4. oh, nelson. home of cheap summer tomatoes and cursing street-strangers. actually those can be found around these parts too. but not the tomatoes. you made kasundi- i think? tom's mum makes it every summer. it's pretty good in spicy dishes.