Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fun with tomatoes (and labels)

Hello friends
You know that summer is in full swing when a stranger says to you in the street "Beauuuutiful f#*&ing day, isn't it!?" (true story), ... and when there are so many tomatoes around and they're so cheap that you find yourself up to your armpits in preserving.

Things I made this year (left to right, above): loads of pasta sauce (made with olive oil, onions, garlic, tomato pulp, salt, sugar, pepper, marjoram, basil, white vinegar, and whatever vegetables I can sneak in there to torture the children with); tomato relish (from this recipe at NZ gardener, my favorite recipe even though I just know that your Gran makes your favorite kind); and something new, a Moroccan tomato sauce from Simple Pleasures (Annabel Langbein). When I first tried this new recipe I cursed aloud because it was too sweet and too gingery for my tastes. However, I tried it in a chicken tagine thing and it was very very good, so I take back all my bad words. By the way, if you have any yummy tomato things to recommend I'm all ears. I have another 7 kg on the kitchen table even as we speak.
I had a lot of fun printing off labels for these various concoctions. I found great vintage labels here and here, and also printed off these fun postal ones you see below. Being a low-tech girl I just printed them on paper and glue-sticked them, but you can print them onto sticky labels if you like. Boy, I could really waste a lot of time mooching around those websites.

Oh and thanks for all your nice comments last post. Linda, I hope you enjoy the fabric, it's on its way to you.
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