Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Gifts

Hello friends,
I hope you all had a good Christmas. We had the usual mixture that is the kiwi festive season: some highs, some lows, best behaviour most of the time, too much eating and drinking, lots of time at the beach, and some lovely gifts.
We had a low-key Christmas in terms of gifts- one $20 present each, and it was awesome. Unwrapping my drink bottle, my lovely soap, and my nice sharp kitchen knife from my children and husband was a total highlight. There were also some totally unexpected gifts that were so practical and/or so unexpected and lovely that I thought I'd show them to you.
1. Some plums from a friend's tree, and a bag of apricots. I bottled them, quick as a flash, because I'm so excited to mark the beginning of a new season of preserving. Don't they look sweet on the kitchen shelf?

2. A bag of patchwork fabric that a friend's mum was throwing out. There are about a gazillion pieces of 100%  cotton in there. This was a windfall gift for my 7-year-old daughter. We sorted them into a suitcase, her and I, and agreed that these are her special fabrics and I have to ask her if I want to use them. This will be awesome fun for, oh, the next 10 years or so. She sighed and said "this is the best present ever". I will remind her of that when she is pestering me for an ipad or some such.

3. A framed print from my super clever nephew. I've always loved his cartoons and for the longest time I've wanted a framed one to hang in my office. Now I have a framed one to hang in my office. It makes me so happy to look at it.

4. My degree! I hadn't seen it for years. Since the day I got it actually. I thought I'd left it lying around somewhere and didn't expect to see it again. had been lurking in my brother-in-law's art studio all this time. He framed it and gave it to me and it made me laugh out loud to remember that I even have a degree. But now there is proof, see?

So how about you? Did you have a nice Christmas?

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  1. Lucky little S with her fabric haul! Quite the loveliest gift. We had a quiet Christmas at home and then spent the afternoon at the beach. Since then Andrew has been working and I've been sewing which is a gift in itself.

  2. Wow, the fabric is awesome - what a cool Mum you are, I would have killed for a suitcase full of fabric at that age!
    Loving the shelf with the preserves, too. I spy a Fibre Active Weta : ) My MIL's partner makes those. Too cool.
    We had a great Christmas staying down in Wellington. We're having part two, with the family, this evening.. and then part three, with just Abraham and I, when the courier finally brings my gifts! The festivities never end. haha

  3. Oh yes, your degree was our guilty secret waiting for a 'round tuit'. Hope your 'special day' was special. Will ring soon. Today has been a flurry of unpacking and sorting and catch up from the w/e. Phew. We are helping Giles move out, it must be the opposite of empty nest syndrome where the parents assist so willingly. I'm putting together a care package to get him started so he doesn't have to buy salt and sugar and milo and other small things until the rest of the flat arrives and does the 'big shop'. Talk soon, Miri

  4. so glad the fabrics were well-received, you guys are awesome. coming to your blog makes me feel strangely homesick for your house. even that shelf-shot with preserves. happy new term to you and the littles.