Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Gifts

Hello friends,
I hope you all had a good Christmas. We had the usual mixture that is the kiwi festive season: some highs, some lows, best behaviour most of the time, too much eating and drinking, lots of time at the beach, and some lovely gifts.
We had a low-key Christmas in terms of gifts- one $20 present each, and it was awesome. Unwrapping my drink bottle, my lovely soap, and my nice sharp kitchen knife from my children and husband was a total highlight. There were also some totally unexpected gifts that were so practical and/or so unexpected and lovely that I thought I'd show them to you.
1. Some plums from a friend's tree, and a bag of apricots. I bottled them, quick as a flash, because I'm so excited to mark the beginning of a new season of preserving. Don't they look sweet on the kitchen shelf?

2. A bag of patchwork fabric that a friend's mum was throwing out. There are about a gazillion pieces of 100%  cotton in there. This was a windfall gift for my 7-year-old daughter. We sorted them into a suitcase, her and I, and agreed that these are her special fabrics and I have to ask her if I want to use them. This will be awesome fun for, oh, the next 10 years or so. She sighed and said "this is the best present ever". I will remind her of that when she is pestering me for an ipad or some such.

3. A framed print from my super clever nephew. I've always loved his cartoons and for the longest time I've wanted a framed one to hang in my office. Now I have a framed one to hang in my office. It makes me so happy to look at it.

4. My degree! I hadn't seen it for years. Since the day I got it actually. I thought I'd left it lying around somewhere and didn't expect to see it again. had been lurking in my brother-in-law's art studio all this time. He framed it and gave it to me and it made me laugh out loud to remember that I even have a degree. But now there is proof, see?

So how about you? Did you have a nice Christmas?

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