Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sweet Suite

In many ways, our quest for a nice lounge suite has mirrored our quest for a nice house. We bought the lounge suite 12 years ago, it was imperfect but very cool in a retro kind of a way, it fitted well in our little house, and it was comfy.
We used it every day for 12 years, the kids bounced on it, made huts from the cushions, lay on it and watched telly when they were sick. It was an old friend, but it was a tired old friend, and it needed replacing.
We scoured the shops and felt disheartened. The new suites were incredibly expensive and just too big for our small house. The other old suites we saw in the junk shops had the same problems as ours. The more we searched the more we realized that reupholstering was the best option in terms of cost, aesthetic value, and ecological conscience. We searched for nice fabric and bought a roll of beautiful, loud reproduction barkcloth from Tonic Living. They posted it over and we took it to our local upholsterers who resprung, recushioned, and recovered the suite. Badabing badaboom: The suite is sweet. 

I love seeing it all nice. I also love people's expressions when they see it: some people love it, others can't quite believe that two people in the world would both choose this fabric. Another reason why we just had to marry each other.
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