Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A very big project

Hello friends. It's been a long time between blog posts because I've been awfully busy with a very large project. The House.
We own a very old house, pre-1900. It has many of the flaws of old houses, it is small, poorly insulated, and the layout is odd. However, it is full of character, it's quirky, it's in a great location that is sunny and close to town, and we have the most lovely neighbours a person could wish for. For a long time, it's needed work. I don't mean "needs work" like "oh the kitchen just wasn't my colours", I mean "needs work" like "the wiring was dangerous and illegal and there was scrim on the walls which is a terrible fire hazard and the lack of insulation made it cold, even though we paid a lot for heating." Really, it needed work. This kind of work:

Anyway, when we packed our stuff to move out and let the builders in I packed all of my craft things away, except for one small knitting project which has not had a single stitch added to it in weeks. My fingers are too exhausted from writing cheques. I'll show it to you when it's all done. The house, and the knitting project.
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