Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Even excellenter loaf, now with feijoas

Good morning friends,
Last post, after asking about feijoa chutney, a kind reader directed me to this excellent feijoa website with all manner and means of good looking feijoa recipes. Well I'm going to try that feijoa chutney recipe for sure, but I decided to make a feijoa loaf in the mean time, to have with cups of tea while I get organized. There were some great looking feijoa loaf recipes on that website, but I decided to adapt another one, since I was in the mood for a no-nonsense, whole-meal, granny-style loaf that you slather with butter, rather than a cakey fancy pants one. When I want no-nonsense baking recipes, I need look no further than the League of Mothers Cookbook, one of my personal favourites in my retro collection.
A quick browse of the gingerbreads and loaves section was all I needed to find the sort of recipe I was after. Excellent loaf. How could one go past Excellent Loaf, with its wholemeal flour, bran, and absence of eggs or butter? I hoped that the addition of 6 peeled and diced feijoas make it Even Excellenter. (Click to enlarge if you need to read the entire recipe).

The Excellenter Loaf turned out very well indeed. It's sweet but not too sweet, and it definitely tastes of feijoas, which go very nicely with the golden syrup and the raisins. It's not too fancy and it's not too plain.
It's Even More Excellenter with butter on it.
And Even More Excellenter Yet with a cup of tea. I think I'll go have one now. Tell you what, I'll go have a cup of tea while you have a laugh at this. (Thanks Amy). Cheerio.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The DIY letter set

Hello friends,
Lately we've all reminded ourselves how fun it is to catch-up with far-away friends old-school style, you know, off-line. So we made our own letter set, since we like writing letters so much.

First, the lad drew a cute, small picture in black-and-white, thusly:
Next, I printed a page of lines of full stops (with double-spacing between the lines), with a wee blank spot in the corner:

Then the two were put together and photocopied. Voila! Writing paper!

If you are a friend of mine that lives far away, perhaps you will get a letter on it. 

On an unrelated topic, do you have a good recipe for feijoa chutney? If so, would you share it with me?  I made some and it looked like blanketty blank blank and it tasted like blanketty blank blank too. But I've had it at other poeple's houses and it was fantastic, so I know that good feijoa chutney exists and I need some to call my own.

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