Monday, February 6, 2012

Fruit salad, in pink

It's that time of the year when I bring out all the jars I've had in hiding in every cupboard around the house, and fill them with bottled fruit, jam, salsa, and pasta sauce. My husband is tormented by my self-congratulating exclamations, "It's a good thing I kept all those jars, isn't it!" and the kids can't get me to do anything because I'm always at a crucial moment with fruit and hot syrup. Ah, good times, good times.
I've done the usual stuff: bottled apricots, boysenberry jam, tomato salsa, plum jam. However, this year I also had  a hankering to do a few jars of that unlikely fruit dish, "bottled fruit salad". The recipes I see in old recipe books call for bananas as an ingredient. The idea of a bottled banana both amuses and disgusts me, so that part I left out. Instead, my bottled fruit salad became a mixture of equal parts of pineapple, pears, plums, peaches, and apricots, cooked in a light sugar syrup (1 part sugar, 4 parts water). I thought the mixture of colours would be rather pretty. It's pretty alright. Pretty damn pink. But still pretty.

And the tea towel underneath is pretty and pink also.
And here is something else pretty. It's something pretty funny, which we spotted in Mitre 10 on Sunday.
Because what else would you use, if yours needs dusting?
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  1. I agree about the bananas. ban enough first time round, not to mention 6 months later. Did you put in any of those funny cherries that you find in the canned fruit salad? While others may turn their noses up at them, my Mum told us they were a treat. I think she regretted that once my brother an I started to fight over them and the glacé cherries kept disappearing from the pantry.

  2. I knew you'd find a way to make your pink fruit salad funny.

    I believe Amy and I have a similar outlook on the importance of fake cherries in the fruit salad.

    In American English, I believe 'fanny' refers to a different part of your anatomy - either way, it's hard to see how it might need dusting.

  3. I've never tried jarring or canning anything but you're inspiring me to get out my jars! I love the pink salad. No frame of reference for how it tastes but the color is stunning. How could I make a neon orange fruit salad? (kidding--I know it would be by adding my 1980's leg-warmers to the mix.)

  4. brilliant. both that you made bottled fruit salad and took a photo of that duster for our entertainment. i miss you!
    p.s. no photos of the kids tucking into the fruit salad?