Thursday, January 26, 2012

May I introduce you to some old friends

I have some lovely old friends: my vintage dresses. We've been friends since I was a teenager. The first vintage dress I ever bought was at a fair when I was 14. It was a size 8 chiffon 1950's dress in light pink and I wore it all summer. By the time I was 16 I couldn't fit into it anymore, but it was the beginning of something beautiful.
This is one that I bought 16 years ago when I was 23. I've been too fat for it several times over the years since then but I can just squeeze back into it now and the excitement of that event has led to this blog post. Hey there Red, good to see ya again.

Little Miss Sparkley Pink Paisley Lurex is another old friend from those days. I can just squeeze into this one too but breathing, eating, or drinking would be extra. Oh well. Another few kilos down and I'll celebrate by wearing it out and having a thimble full of champagne while breathing shallowly.
This blue house-frock is a little more age and life-stage appropriate for me- definitely has a hausfrau feel to it and it does so love to be worn while I mop floors and peg out laundry. I had a feeling this dress missed her old owner when, of all the strange things, a woman in town stopped stunned in front of me the other day and said "That used to be my dress!". We had a wee chat about it and since then I've felt like it's made itself more at home with me.

The thing about vintage dresses is that really, they're happiest hanging out together, so when you have one you seem to attract more to join in the partay. The green one below was a gift from a woman who I see when I drop the kids at school every day. I hardly know her, but she shouted across the playground, "I have a dress for you!". I've really enjoyed wearing this, it's so soft and it's a shape I wouldn't normally wear, but it feels exciting and different. 
 I like modern clothes too, really, I do, but there's no friend like an old friend.
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  1. Wow! They are gorgeous! I never seem to come across ones like that! Must keep looking.

  2. Can't wait to see you in Red. Maybe we could celebrate with a night out with the menfolk? Vxx

  3. Have you read "the secret lives of dresses" by Erin Mckean.? Your post reminds me of this book. I especially like the look of the red dress - fabric in it looks just beautiful .

  4. These are very lovely. What a wonderful collection.

  5. I love clothes with history ... how amazing to meet the person who owned your blue dress.

  6. Stunning!
    That last dress is my fave- it is AMAZING.
    One day I shall fit into my favourite vintage dresses again.. one day.. but in the meantime I think it would just make me too sad to photograph them all!

  7. Hi there- how gratifying to be able to revisit these dresses and wear them all over again . Most of my old dresses got the heave ho to the recycling bin when ros and took half my wardrobe away. It was a good thing but I did have a wee cry about it later .

  8. Wow Red is beautiful, they all are actually, but she is just stunning! Great post

  9. This is awesome! I love old nighties myself, and I wear them to sleep until they get shredded. :)

  10. After looking at those beautiful dresses I'm suffering from wardrobe envy... Especially the red dress