Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finishing and Starting Again

I've finished two things since we last met: the year, and The Quilt.
I was glad to finish the year because there were times that it sucked. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but there it is.
I was glad to finish the quilt because it was so nice and I was so proud of it! There are some things it might amuse you to learn about this quilt. First, I didn't choose the fabrics. They were throw-outs from Melissa, who makes very beautiful things. I think the fact that my taste didn't come into it too much is a major reason in it turning out so well.
Second, I made two rules for myself in sewing it:
1. I would remember that I was sewing it as a gift of love for my daughter. Therefore, if she came and wanted my attention while sewing it, I was to be nice and not tell her to leave me alone.
2. I wasn't to buy any fabric for this quilt at all, in keeping with its status as a scrap quilt.
The first rule I broke about 50 times because I love to be left alone while sewing. In the end I decided it wasn't so bad if she remembers that I was sometimes a bad tempered mother. Everyone I know remembers their mother as being bad tempered at times, it's just how it is.
The second rule I broke when I needed a border. I chose the pink because it was girly and cute. I broke it again for the backing- I was going to use seersucker from my stash, but ended up buying some lovely soft pink thing from the sale table at Spotlight instead. Because I wanted to.
(No it's not your monitor, my camera is MIA and I am using crappy photos from my phone instead).
Anyhoo, here's to a great year of breaking rules and being bad tempered at times! Hooray!
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  1. What an amazing labour of love! It's gorgeous :)

  2. Great job Miss Smith! I love it - and you've done very well with your cellphone!

    Bad tempered mother, why that was me this morning!

  3. My two most prevalent qualities - breaking rules and being foultempered - good to see them being showcased. Niiiice quilt, by the way ...

  4. Great quilt!! Here's to a great 2012!

  5. Aw I bet she loves it too. Lovely

  6. Brilliant quilt.
    If ever in doubt and tempted to unpick a slight imperfection - mumble to yourself "overall effect" and put the quick unpick down.
    I live the ditzy little florals.

  7. Oooh the quilt is delightful. I love that you stayed true to the scrappy-ness on the top. Can't blame you for wanting the other fabrics for the back and binding though- they work perfectly!
    I'm fairly good at breaking rules, and have a super short fuse (especially when pregnant! I'm scary.), I find that a lot of the best women are the same : P

  8. That is very cute and I love the gingham!!

  9. gorgeous! i can't believe you made something so lovely from all those scraps. you are so clever.
    p.s. i LOVE that gingham binding.

  10. Bad tempered and sewing have a way of going hand in hand don't they? It's the intensity of it all and interuptions breed mistakes. The quilt is really lovely.

  11. It looks like a great quilt. With any luck that is all she will remember - that you made it for her. I am guilty of the grumpy, leave me alone to sew moments too but I am still sewing. It goes with the territory.

  12. okerrizand whats the verdict from little miss sylvie?
    i bet she loves to snuggle into it.

    have a look at this blog it puts 2011 into perspective:
    I think many of us have had our moments last year. roll on 2012 a month gone already!