Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Pie Day, and a Dolly

Helloooo Friday! Random story: we have a friend who calls Friday 'Friday Pie Day' because he always gets a pie on a Friday for lunch. How I would love a pie for lunch.
Okay, onto craft activities. I have plenty to be going on with, you know how it is, but sometimes when you have a lot to do you end up doing something else entirely.
My very dear friend has a little girl who is about to turn 3, so I made her a doll. We had a cloth doll when we were little, she was called Rosie and we made her lots of clothes. True to form, Mary Anna made her fancy silk dresses and even a kimono, while I made her odd scratchy little trousers and other strange items. I think Rosie was made with no pattern at all, but these days you can get a cloth doll pattern for free straight off the interweb, hooray! The Black Apple has provided her doll pattern as a free pdf download via Martha Stewart's website. For a quick and easy and rather fun project, this is pretty hard to beat. The pattern is simple and goes together in about 40 minutes. You can use little scraps of fabric from your stash and therefore justify keeping all those little bits you have been accused of never using. And cute! It's so cute! It's genuinely cute, not even weird cute, which is how things I design myself always turn out.
I used brown wool suiting fabric for her hair, which I love. It looks oddly like my own hair with its wee lines of white. I was going to use felt, but I only had nasty brown acrylic felt lying around, and I despise it with its horrible squeakiness and nasty unnatural sheen. *Shudder* I must get rid of it.
I made her a little dress too, too, using my own pattern, hence it is a little weirdly cute:
Because everything I make has to have a little shot of weird in it, otherwise it just wouldn't be my own work.
Have a great weekend everyone! Ta ra!
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  1. She's a stunner - I'm sure she'll be very well loved. The quirk is what makes handmade such a winner, I think.
    Also, my MIL calls Monday 'Monday baking day', something to do with it being the day her Mum (and her?) used to do the baking for the week. Not half as much fun as a compulsory pie-eating day though.

  2. The doll is adorable! LOVE the hair. Absolutely love the hair.

  3. We have a cafe that does gourmet pies just around the corner from work. There is a huge number of engineers that INSIST that Friday is in fact "pie day". They sit around and compare their orders in the lunch room as they munch through gigantic pies that even I had to give up on.

    I'm pleased to hear that doll pattern is a quick one. I have had it in my shortcuts to make for well over a year. Aweseome fabric too (would add an emoticon wink but I'm not that cool).

  4. Super cute dolly - love your dress idea, but I would have made it a halter neck. She seems like that kind of doll.

  5. what a sweet doll! love the dress too.

  6. Haha that's so cool it's like a tablecloth-bag dress. Very hipster

  7. Absolutely gorgeous** Her fringe is a stunner - sets of the dress nicely.