Monday, November 28, 2011

Cards, and care with card allocation

Home made cards, they're a welcome relief for someone who is a little overwhelmed by larger projects that seem to move at glacial speed. They're also a welcome relief someone whose wallet has been thrashed over recent weeks at the pre-Christmas sales...I've been buying clothes- very unusual for me but I had an uh-huh! moment a little while ago where I realized that I always buy things for the wee ones but seldom for myself, and it was beginning to show in my dismally drab, overworn, tired wardrobe.
But where was I? Oh yes, cards. 
I do nothing fancy when making cards, no sir. No ribbons, no scrapbooky things, no buttons, bows, fancy calligraphy, or poems. Just cardstock and funny pictures from old books, that's my style. I even like to include some of the text if it's amusing or informative. I just made this series of cards, with a friend in mind who loves fishing.

Oh goodness, you have to be careful though. That same friend is also recently divorced, so I won't be giving him this one, no, no, no.
Next on my list is some homemade Christmas presents. I'm going "fancy practical" this year with an edible gift that is also healthy. I'll tell you all about it next time. What are you making for Christmas gifts? Any good ideas?


  1. i love your cards. they always make me smile. i don't have any good ideas for christmas yet. i was thinking of lemon curd or maybe pickled onions. can't wait to see what you're making.

  2. Ooh yes, a mystery to be solved. What are you making? Did I tell you that when I said to Louis as a brainwave, "Hey let's do second-hand, homemade or $5 gifts this year" he said, 'Isn't that what we always do?'I thought it was a new revelation.

  3. I love these fantastic cards--I may swipe this idea. Your sense of humor tickles me.

    We've done the homemade holidays for so long I am plumb out of ideas, so this year I think everyone is getting store-bought socks.