Monday, November 28, 2011

Cards, and care with card allocation

Home made cards, they're a welcome relief for someone who is a little overwhelmed by larger projects that seem to move at glacial speed. They're also a welcome relief someone whose wallet has been thrashed over recent weeks at the pre-Christmas sales...I've been buying clothes- very unusual for me but I had an uh-huh! moment a little while ago where I realized that I always buy things for the wee ones but seldom for myself, and it was beginning to show in my dismally drab, overworn, tired wardrobe.
But where was I? Oh yes, cards. 
I do nothing fancy when making cards, no sir. No ribbons, no scrapbooky things, no buttons, bows, fancy calligraphy, or poems. Just cardstock and funny pictures from old books, that's my style. I even like to include some of the text if it's amusing or informative. I just made this series of cards, with a friend in mind who loves fishing.

Oh goodness, you have to be careful though. That same friend is also recently divorced, so I won't be giving him this one, no, no, no.
Next on my list is some homemade Christmas presents. I'm going "fancy practical" this year with an edible gift that is also healthy. I'll tell you all about it next time. What are you making for Christmas gifts? Any good ideas?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Pie Day, and a Dolly

Helloooo Friday! Random story: we have a friend who calls Friday 'Friday Pie Day' because he always gets a pie on a Friday for lunch. How I would love a pie for lunch.
Okay, onto craft activities. I have plenty to be going on with, you know how it is, but sometimes when you have a lot to do you end up doing something else entirely.
My very dear friend has a little girl who is about to turn 3, so I made her a doll. We had a cloth doll when we were little, she was called Rosie and we made her lots of clothes. True to form, Mary Anna made her fancy silk dresses and even a kimono, while I made her odd scratchy little trousers and other strange items. I think Rosie was made with no pattern at all, but these days you can get a cloth doll pattern for free straight off the interweb, hooray! The Black Apple has provided her doll pattern as a free pdf download via Martha Stewart's website. For a quick and easy and rather fun project, this is pretty hard to beat. The pattern is simple and goes together in about 40 minutes. You can use little scraps of fabric from your stash and therefore justify keeping all those little bits you have been accused of never using. And cute! It's so cute! It's genuinely cute, not even weird cute, which is how things I design myself always turn out.
I used brown wool suiting fabric for her hair, which I love. It looks oddly like my own hair with its wee lines of white. I was going to use felt, but I only had nasty brown acrylic felt lying around, and I despise it with its horrible squeakiness and nasty unnatural sheen. *Shudder* I must get rid of it.
I made her a little dress too, too, using my own pattern, hence it is a little weirdly cute:
Because everything I make has to have a little shot of weird in it, otherwise it just wouldn't be my own work.
Have a great weekend everyone! Ta ra!
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Life lessons

I once read a short story in which one of the essential details about a particular woman's character was that she had brown towels in the bathroom, because they didn't show the dirt. I was a teenager when I read this story, and I remember doing an audible "Ewwwww" about that, which amused my mother no end. She did one of those knowing sighs and said "You'll understand when you have children".
Blogfriends, today I bought brown bathmats because I am sick of tiny brown footprints on my white ones. I am now officially a responsible adult.
I'm sorry, the details of my linen cupboard are probably only interesting to me, but sometimes my blog is a space for very trivial thoughts. I can't help it.

In craft news, the extreme busy-ness of my children over the weekend with affairs of their own meant that I had a free afternoon to piece together my quilt. Now I must tell you, better than any feeling of accomplishment or appreciation for pretty things is the feeling that I am getting better at something. I really am getting better at piecing quilts. I will never be one of those engineering types that has it all matching to the last millimetre, but every quilt I make is pieced more precisely than the last, and that is a very nice feeling.

I'm sorry, I didn't iron it to show it to you. I'm a slob like that. I decided against putting any sashing inbetween the windmill blocks for this quilt, because I thought it might make it ever-so-slightly twee. I like how the blocks become a little lost, and it gets that jumbled-vintagey-hot-mess look. Now I just need a border to finish it off, oh, and the quilting and the binding. The border fabric I chose is the backdrop for the tomato relish I made the other day, voila:

Yes, it is awfully early in the season to be making tomato relish, isn't it? Well a greenhouse up the road was clearing out the last of their winter plants to make way for the new summer crop, so I was the Johnny-on-the-spot that got 6 kilos for $5. Now I wish I'd got two bags so that I could fob some off for Christmas presents. Christmas, goodness me, it was only 5 minutes ago that last Christmas was done and dusted. This speeding up of time must be another thing about being a responsible adult, along with owning brown towels.
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