Saturday, October 22, 2011


A holiday to Golden Bay is a wonderful thing. We watched 6 hours of the delicious Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice, did some walks, ate some chocolate, and drank some coffee, some of it on this rather spectacular little Espresso Boat parked up at the Pohara Docks. Then we nearly met up with a blogfriend but just missed her, and came home, feeling all holidayed-up and full of silly ideas for craft and Christmas gifts.

I was so overwhelmed by projects I could do that I started them all while the iron was hot. A friend came over when I had a half-stuffed knitted sheep and donkey on the chair, an apron all cut out on the floor, a skirt in 4 pieces ready to sew, my crochet blanked draped over the back of the chair so that I would remember to sew in all the ends, and a bag of vintage fabric on the other chair. She looked around, then looked at me, and said "I understand you're excited about having some free time, but you need to focus."
So true. First I focused on finishing this wee sheep. He is part of something very Christmassy.
Don't worry about the lack of legs, he is a lying-down sheep. I promise they have not been prematurely removed for the Christmas roast leg of lamb, although that would also satisfy the "being part of something very Christmassy" in a very comical way.
Then, I threw the bag of vintage fabric up into the air, whirled my arms around with a pair of scissors in each hand, and they landed like this:
It's gonna be another patchwork quilt. I've made three in my life, each of them imperfect but endearing in their own way. A bit like me really.
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  1. Oooh are you doing a knitted nativity? Nothing like a little time to make things and getting so excited you start them all. :-)

  2. I am astounded at your precision in cutting whilst using a pair of scissors in each hand. Your fabrics look very pretty next to each other in the patchwork.
    I love the idea of a knitted nativity, but if it was me, I would have to start in January.

  3. You are so funny!!! Love your sense of humour!!!

  4. oh, and the part about serving lamb legs for Christmas, I wouldn't expect anything less from you...
    I would pay to read your blog. :)

  5. I love the sheep, so glad you are making yourself a knitted nativity.

    I am a little unsure about Xmas this year with MIL. I think we'll call it a "family day" and leave off all the trimmings that could offend (like ham, etc)

  6. The sheep is so cute. They do just lie down sometimes like cats,with legs though, out the side, not in someones oven. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Did I tell you I have already made our cake, well, I have.Our preparations may not go much further than that and the cake stands a fair chance of being eaten before the twenty fifth.

  7. The ship needs to get eftpos lol. we went and didnt have cash so went to town for retail therapy instead, intending to go back another day with $ in hand. Despite 6 trips to GB in the last year I still havent managed to get a coffee on the boat. NEXT TIME! I am glad you had a lovely holiday. Love the quilt.

  8. a knitted nativity... that is pretty awesome. can't wait to see it all finished.
    nice patchwork progress! love those fabrics ;)

  9. That sheep is gorgeous! Blah blah legs ;)

    Just popped by from Clare's blog, I met you at her place yesterday. I was the one with the very small baby!