Thursday, September 22, 2011

A microcraft activity

It occurred to me the other day that I have now had almost a whole year with two children at school. I had deluded myself thinking that I would have lots of free time, but I quickly realized that a new phase brings with it substantial changes, in my case, doing more paid work. Not that I'm complaining, I really like my job, but it does cramp my style *craftwise*.

The upshot of this is that these days I'm a sucker for a quick craft activity that has the satisfaction of making something cool, and something homemade, just because it's fun. So...while I was standing at the stove cooking dinner last night, I made a candle. I had some beeswax lying around and a friend gave me some wick (bought by the metre from Livinglight Candles here in Nelson). An old can made a double boiler to melt the wax, an old cut-glass bowl (50 c at the junk shop) made the receptacle. I had googled making poured candles and saw all sorts of instructions re. sticking the wick in place and making sure the wick is the right size for the container. Well a job worth doing is worth doing badly, that's my motto, so I ignored all of that and just used what I had. I stuck the wick in the centre first with some hot wax, then held it in place between two skewers when I poured the hot wax in. Low tech.

Actually I'm right into cut glass at the moment. It's something I see all the time in junk shops and I find it devilishly tempting when it's so pretty and so cheap. I keep bringing it home with me and stashing it away at the back of the china cabinet, but I know you would like to see it.

Mmmmm, pretty, pretty, pretty. Have a great weekend everyone! Oh, it's only Thursday, isn't it. Well have a great end-of-week, then. 
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  1. This looks fun and easy, but what I'm really intrigued by is the map they are sitting on...details please?

  2. A friend who knows how much I love holidays in Collingwood very kindly gave me that map, it's a vintage linen map published by Lands and Surveys- must be pre-metric because it's in inches/yards/miles.

    Trust you to notice!

  3. I love cut glass, it's so pretty and reminds me of visits to grandma's when I was small......great idea using it as a candle holder.

  4. that cut glass is lovely! i'm getting a taste for it since you introduced me. that's a great little candle- wouldn't they be nice for xmas pressies?

  5. Now that you've done it and I've seen it, it is clear to me that your cut class bowl is the perfect candle holder. Previously I would have run a mile from cut glass. Now I am not so sure.

  6. That looks lovely and you make it sound so easy! Love the vintage map too. We are going to GB next holidays!

  7. snap Jessicah...
    I noticed the map straight away too, especially the 'pakihi' label on it which I presume refers to the soil type in that spot as much of the area around Collingwood including our place is pakihi soil - tricky to farm.
    And I love the glass too and have been using some of mine to float single beautiful flowers in