Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stuff. Beautiful stuff.

I'm the first to admit there has not been a whole lot of crafty activity around here lately. However, that doesn't mean I'm not filling up the house with stuff I don't need and may never use. I just can't help myself, I love to go to junk shops and trawl for treasures. My Dad was the same, it's a genetic affliction.
I have a few favourite stops in the junk shops; kitchenware, bed linen, fabric, jewellery. These sheets were among the latest things to come home. The purple one in the background is my favourite kind, the white ones on top were totally unnecessary as I really don't need any more white flat sheets, but if some old lady has gone to the trouble to starch them (yes, really) and fold them so perfectly the least I can do is purchase them. I imagine that she was a retired nurse, who would smack my hands and shriek "stupid girl!" for not doing hospital corners when I make the beds.
Pinnies. These get comandeered for the dress-ups the minute I get home, but I have visions of actually using them one day. Especially that one with the pink swan on it. Classy!
Next, a fabulous dress, made in NZ back in the day. There is quite a lot of damage around the darts, so I'm going to cut it down into a skirt. You can't see in my crappy (sorry) photo, but this dress is sparkley blue lurex. It's gonna shock folks.
Lastly, these eight pieces of vintage cotton from an estate sale. Melissa from Tiny Happy was good enough to tell me about it, and my sister and I went and swooped like vultures, fighting over pieces we both wanted as only sisters can. What a show. Still, look at all the great stuff I got.
Well now I'm going to have to go and sew something with it all, aren't I. Any suggestions?


  1. Such excellent finds. I love the estate sale fabrics and the purple flowers on the sheet. Will they be summer dresses? I am sure one of them wants to be a small girl dress with a very twirly skirt, but maybe it is saying something else and I am just chanelling some thoughts about the niece birthday sewing I have coming up :).

  2. Hmm, funnily enough looking at those fabrics I actually can't remember them all and if I did I might have fought you some more for them.

    Well I can tell you that the 50's linen makes up well as pillows. It would make a lovely tote too. If you must wear it (and with its high linen content you'd have to iron it too - huh!) an A line skirt would be suitable - nothing with too much fullness it's too crisp. If you could bear it, I see it as a nice apron, even a man-style BBQ one. It's quite manly for a print.

    I see some pretty little girl dresses too - and some nice skirts for you. Skirts are easy - you could make one in an evening, shouldn't be too taxing!

  3. What a haul!
    Faboo stuff.
    Love, love that dress- a skirt would be gorgeous!

  4. Score Score SCORE! I love it all. You can NEVER have too many pinny's and sheets....NEVER. xx

  5. Ooh, what finds!
    There's a St. something-or-other thrift store in St. Paul where I used to find great linens and sewing supplies. They were obviously the property of the recently departed. I've checked at the shop several times over the last year or so, but the good finds just aren't there anymore. I've come to the conclusion that no one is dying anymore.

  6. White cotton sheets never go astray. They may have been starched or they may just be never used...wouldn't that be a haul. Nevertheless they wear out so let's say you were right to get them and it's a genetic propensity, not an affliction. Hear hear.

  7. Oh wow! Great finds. You can never have too many white sheets! Can't wait to see the skirt, and of course I think you should make some patchwork with the little vintagey bits. And then show us. :)

  8. you had some great finds there, miss smith. yes, dresses for your little one with those floweery prints. and i'm looking forward to seeing you in the sparkley blue skirt at school.

  9. Most excellent finds my dear. I am looking forward to seeing the blue skirt ;)