Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Winter Sun

It's the end of winter school holidays here, and it's like I've had two weeks annual leave from my life. Normally I am working on the computer, responding to emails, listening for the phone, and keeping an eye on the clock so that we're at school on time. But when we go on holiday over to our favourite spot in Golden Bay, there is no computer, no phone, my watch stays in my suitcase, and there is just the noise of the waves and the goings-on of small children.

Now this space of interweb is kind of like my memories, so I'm going to be honest so that I remember it honestly later. The noise of children is often lovely, especially when we have friends over. However, there is also plenty of this sort of thing:
"Muuuuuuuuum Harry used a grumpy voice with me and it hurt my feelings" and then "Muuuuuuuum Sylvie keeps interfering with my sandcastle and she won't give me any peace and quiet".
If I handle it right I can talk them into going back down onto the beach, down the little pathway into the winter sun.
And if I'm really lucky they forget their argument, and walk off after the tide to see what it left behind.
That leaves me sitting at the picnic table with my cup of coffee and my knitting and my thoughts, all of which are pretty nice most of the time.

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhmmmm *sighs*
    That sounds just lovely.

  2. Love your photos Jen! And Harry and Sylvie's arguments cracked me up. Looks like a nice week away