Friday, July 8, 2011

May contain violence (viewer discretion advised)

When I have big projects on like, oh, for example, crocheting a blanket (yes, still going), I sometimes need a small project that I can start and finish in one go, just to experience the satisfaction of finishing something. Making cards is a particularly satisfying project in this regard, since we always need them, I don’t like buying them, and my own rather questionable taste often makes me laugh.
For making cards, I have a box filled with pages torn from old magazines, tatty books destined for the recycling, or, sometimes, perfectly good books that I cut up anyway. Yes! It’s true! I’m a little ashamed but I’m telling you because I’m semi-confident that you won’t judge me. I also have a razor ruler to cut nice straight lines, and plain cardstock.
I hope you are still reading after my confession that I sometimes cut up books. I’m going to show some cards with pictures cut from a perfectly good book right now, can you handle it? Can ya?
The book: Action Man. From: The Hospice Charity Shop, $0.50.
Oh dear oh dear oh dear, violence and guns as well… I don’t know about you, but a part of my childhood was reading Commando comics, and these sorts of pictures give me a warm nostalgic feeling more than anything else. Anyway, my 7-year-old boy loves these cards, and what mother wouldn’t love that??
Moving right along, here are a series of gift tags made from a perfectly good Yates Garden Guide:
Well, I think that’s enough crazy book-cutting antics for one day. I hope you are all exhilarated rather than shocked and affronted.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. ooooooh that makes me want to cut up my garden guide too! x

  2. My son would love the guns and violence cards! And, if you've rescued a book from the charity shop, then game on.
    Cleveer stuff. Xx

  3. Hoo! I'm all tingly with the thrill of the forbidden. Fabulous idea. :)

  4. I have to admit I flinched when I read about the Yates Garden Guide but if there is one thing I've learnt from Mum it is to get up-to-date resource books and older is not better per se. The cards are excellent. You know you could well be a latent scrapbooker.

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  6. What a fab idea using books and mags etc to make the cards and they look great, my friend makes amazing cards but they are very fancy and i just can't seem to get it to look half as good, but these are great with good snipits, love them, thanks for the inipiration, have a good week, Tabs x

  7. They look great! I just picked up a whole lot of duplicate copies old nature books the library was giving away; I'm hoping to chop them up too!

  8. I always love your cards. And you should know you have inspired me to make a few - not nearly as nice as yours but I find fairy tale type books often have great "cuttable" pictures in them for my 3 girls and their friends etc. I always find myself outraged by the cost of commercial cards! Ripoff.
    What is a razor ruler and where do you get them from?