Thursday, June 16, 2011

While the boys were away

Funny how families develop their own traditions, isn't it? We have a heap of funny wee things that we do, just because it's worked out that way. Among the traditions that have grown in our household are pikelets for breakfast every Saturday, alphabet soup only when on holiday at Collingwood, very silly homemade cards for all festive occasions (really, the sillier the better), trips with Dad to see Grandad down in Christchurch. The kids love those weekends. They get to sit in the front seat of the car. Simon drives down after work at night, and there's the thrill of being out after dark and stopping in some small town on the way for tea.
Of course, there's always the other child whose turn it is to stay at home, and so they get to choose some fun stuff so that they have a great weekend, too. Being a crafty sort of a 5-year-old, when it was her turn to stay home, Sylvie wanted to choose some fabric from my stash and make a skirt. She chose some craft cotton and a doily to decorate it. The doily really cracks me up. It's neatly positioned so that when you sit down you can perch your plate of afternoon tea on it, just like on a table. She has such cool taste, I just love it.
In case you're off to go and throw up because this is all just too wholesome, I would also like to assure you that she also had a suite of unwholesome things on her list as well: a trip to town to buy some sparkley hairclips, a play at Chipmunks (shudder), and a fizzy drink and chippies from the supermarket. Life is so simple when you're 5.
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  1. I love that skirt & I love the 'postioning'! Sounds like a blast of weekend for all xx

  2. Her doily 'plate' is sheer genius! Love it.

  3. Good old Sylvie, ready for any catered occasion. The one thing I never agreed to do was use one of those 'vehicle' trolleys at the supermarket, if you know what I mean. It wasn't that they looked silly, rather too slow for my substantial snatch and grab

  4. that is the cuteist skirt. Sounds like you had such a lot of fun together.

  5. Oh she sounds just delightful, I think she and my 5yo would get on famously ;)

  6. Ok, I have to know, what is "a play at Chipmunks"???

  7. Hellooo.
    I have found your blog and am dead chuffed. It has made me laugh and that's just what I needed!
    Anyhoo, am latest follower so I can get more laughs when needed.
    Am off to get a bloomin' big glass of red and settle down to read through more of your stuff.
    If you get a mo, do pop over and visit my end of blogland- I love crochet and craft and thrifty finds.