Saturday, June 4, 2011

The thrill of procrastination

When I was a student and studying for exams I was a master procrastinator. The meals were never more carefully planned and executed, and the house was as clean as a whistle. Now that I'm a grown-up I still love to muck around when I should be doing something else. In some ways it's a great way to get things done.
Case in point: My crochet blanket project. Now I know I said right here on this blog that it was insanity for me to undertake such a task, but as it turns out, my tax return is due and therefore crocheting a blanket has become a wonderfully addictive, delicious task to prevent me sitting down with my stack of bank statements and the calculator.
This blanket is going to be for a certain 5-year-old girl's birthday, hence the pinky/purpley colour scheme. To avoid it becoming too sickly I sneaked some grey and dark blue in, and I'm reasonably pleased with the way it's looking. If I were doing it again I might do different colours, but I'm a firm believer that you learn something with every project and so I'm not about to start unpicking or anything crazy like that.
Okay so here is a close-up because I wanted to show you the join-as-you-go thing. On the last round of each granny square you use your two-chain stitches between the groups of trebles to link to the next square. This neatly avoids having to sit down and join them all at the end, and makes a lovely big woolly blanket grow before your every eyes. Like magic. Magic!
The full instructions for joining-as-you-go are over here, and I also found a great clip on youtube about crocheting in the ends, here (with the added bonus of a New Zealand accent). Sheesh! What did we do before youtube eh.

Well, that's all from me on this wet Queen's Birthday Saturday. Hope you are having fun, whatever you're up to.


  1. oooh I like it!! I'm loving grey wool lately, and I want to start a project with it, but I have about a thousand other things I should do first. Thanks for the link for joining as you go! x

    ps, you should come to ka pie! 1st and 3rd thursdays of the month :)

  2. now that is really clever putting the squares together as you go, although my heart sank when i read about the tax day that cometh. I haven't even acknowledged it yet, let alone start putting it off.

  3. Very nice. I am a master procrastinator and got my Hons degree by cramming. hence I only work well with deadlines and last minute pressure. I love the colours you have chosen for the blanket x

  4. Brilliant! Glad to hear someone else was a house clean saint all in the name of procrastination aswell!

  5. Oooh!! See, I learnt to crochet this weekend, you know. I'm on the verge of producing something that actually looks a little bit like crochet, so complicating matters with a fandangled joining-up technique feels just right ...

  6. i do love those colours together. your blanket makes me wish i could crochet without crying from frustration.

  7. There's something Sooooo lovely about making granny squares - your blanket looks beautiful. k