Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lars and Guy

Lars and Guy: two civil servant robots. These chaps are very special gift for a very special person whose birthday was last week.

In keeping with his civil servant role, Lars wears brown scratchy walkshorts held up with a no-nonsense leather belt. He is programmed to fill in forms. Lars, may we see a close up of your walkshorts please?  
Guy, being more a senior robot around the office, wears a neck tie. It's important to keep up the professional image after all. Guy manages other robots that are programmed to fill in forms. It is a very important role. You can tell by his stern expression and the rather demanding stare from his square mother of pearl eyes. 
I don't make robots very often these days- no need to really when I have so many already. But I do so love it when someone I know wants one (or two) because then I have an excuse to get very, very silly and raid my collection of haberdashery and dream up ridiculous accessories. It's the most fun you can have with a box of buttons and ricrac.
It's good to remind myself of the fun you can have making stuff. Lately I've been feeling like I have No Time, the day feels like its too full of work and school and chores, and after the small ones are in bed I feel like I have nothing left. I haven't felt like that for a long time and it's a sign to me that some things have to drop off my list. Also a sign that the end of the term is only one week away and then I will have two weeks to pull myself together before we launch into it all again. 
Until then, 
Over and out. Beep beep. 


  1. I love the shorts and tie - you totally crack me up! I especially love the nerdy shorts. In fact, I want some myself - nerdy civil servant shorts, yes please!

  2. Those guys are so cute, awesome little belt and tie. They are going to lift standards of work efficiency and work attire. I forgot to look, are there matching sandals and long carefully-folded-over-at-the-top socks, in cream perhaps?

  3. I'm pleased to see the occasional cameo from your robots. It has been a pretty full on term - I wish I had school holidays too. I wonder what sort of batteries your robots have - do they need recharging at times too?

  4. They are just the coolest robots Ive ever seen! Did mum tell you that the name Guy came from my lecturer at uni whose name is Guy Marrage? (said just like 'marriage') No joke!

  5. Very cool! especially the shorts!

  6. Mary Nanna sent me your way.

    Very Funny.

    Except my 10-year-old just came in while I was viewing your nerdy bots and he wants some too. Sigh

  7. brilliant robots! i especially love the walkshorts.

  8. well this very special person just adores these robots thank you so much indeed. They are moving into their new home tomorrow.
    Love from Marg

  9. I love that Lars is programmed to fill in forms. I am a master form-filler-outer so I can relate to this robot. Also love his walkshorts. Very cool! They look very well done and professional.
    I hope you feel better soon. I'm thinking of doing "a week without goals" to try to alleviate my own feelings of doing too much. :)
    I started making finger puppets so I think I understand your robot interest a bit more. Addictive!

  10. Just so you know, my robot and bike loving friends were married this past weekend! I thought of you!