Saturday, February 5, 2011

National Costume

My last project for the summer holidays was a project for me, which had to be completed by tomorrow, Waitangi Day, for patriotic reasons. I'd found this great New Zealand tablecloth at the opshop, and as soon as I saw it I knew it wanted to be a skirt. It elaborated, "Just as a feature panel though, not a whole garment. That would just be silly."
I've been listening to fabric ever since I saw the original fabric whisperer, my sister, do it. She should run classes.
I used my go-to skirt pattern for this, Simplicity 4369. A simple A-line shape with a yoke and a side zip. I've made this up several times now and it all goes together in a flash. The back and yoke pieces are black cotton drill. There is white top-stitching along the back yoke and hem, and red top-stitching along the front yoke. I really like how it turned out.

I said to my husband "What do you think of my new skirt? Not too silly?"
He said "No, just silly enough."
I said "Do you like the map?"
He said "Yes I do. I would like it even better if it was a map of Tasmania though."
And that made me larf and larrrrrf and if you don't know why then your mind is just not rude enough.

My children also made me laugh when they saw it.
Sylvie said "Hey! What a great idea! A map! We'll never get lost with that skirt!"
Harry said "Woah! That's a SKIRT with a MAP on it.

Well yes, yes it is. It's a map of my favourite place on earth.
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  1. Hey that is so cool! I'm not quite brave enough yet and just waste my tablecloths on bag linings. Not that I've ever found any NZ ones, I might just have Tasmania somewhere...

  2. That skirt is fantastic! I think it's a perfect amount of silly, and I would so wear it, even though I've never been to NZ. Which is probably why I don't get the joke about Tasmania.

    Having a go-to skirt pattern is the best!

  3. very cute and clever Miss Smith!

  4. I love it! You are so funny Miss Smith and you too, Mr Smith at Home.

  5. Oh how cool!
    I like the black yoke with it to,
    It brings out the colours of the Mp.
    good thrifting!!!

  6. I LOVE this skirt!! Very cool.

  7. Hee hee hee you make me laugh you guys!

    And that it is super duper skirt, BTW.

    But it did make me think, what do people outside of NZ or Australia use for the "map of Tasmania" concept? I guess there would need to be some sort of explanation as to what "map of Tasmania" actually refers to and I'm not sure you'd thank me for elaborating.....

  8. you are naughty. that skirt looks fabulous on, too. you forgot to mention that!

  9. Hee! Too hilarious. Love it, love it!

  10. My mum once knitted a vest with a weather map on it, and you know what that means? Think Crowded House. You can inform Harry that garments sporting maps are appropriate.

    That husband of yours is very naughty :)