Saturday, February 26, 2011

Darker moments, lighter moments

This is how my five year old daughter is making sense of the earthquake in Christchurch. She told me that her doll, Ella, was a bit bruised by falling stuff in the earthquake, but she's okay.
We haven't had the t.v. on while the wee ones are awake but still...there are images everywhere and it's no secret that there are many dead and wounded. I don't know how to make sense of it at all. I am reeling thinking of the loss of life, the loss of heritage, and how on earth a city can recover from such a thing. Cantabrians, I am so sad for you.
We have to take the lighter moments when they come in these troubled times. might be amused to see my latest foray into bottling beetroot.
I plum forgot about it. I do believe this might be the universe paying me back for being so smug about all my preserving. It was a great laugh though, and on the enjoyment stakes I rank laughter higher than eating beetroot, so all's well that ends better.

But back to practical things. If you would like to make a donation to assist the people of Canterbury there is a list of places to donate here. Thanks.
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  1. Nice one Miss Smith - you never did like beetroot so maybe it was an unconscious desire to ruin it, even if your adult self believes you have acquired the taste!

    Glad to hear all extended family are well and homes in tact - that must be a small relief.

    I have had a frustrating sewing week too - I managed to sew two pillows, easy peasy stuff, but I kept making mistakes and ended up resewing a number of seams. A pillow for goodness sakes. Lots of cussing - so much cussing in fact it reminded me of certain people we know who make a lot of noise when they get frustrated. No names. We know who they are.

  2. Oh my. I once did up a pot of carrots like that. But I was sad when I did it to my carrots. I quite dislike beets so I'm not nearly as sad about your blackened pot.

    I certainly don't know how anyone can process an earthquake. In our area we are most affected by tornadoes. New Zealand is a wonder and I feel terrible about this tragedy.

  3. It's not a good thing, but my beetroots were like softballs and the pot of water to cover them would never have boiled dry in 24hrs. Just as well I love it.
    I think Sylvie is processing Chch very well. It's something we're all going to have to process and be involved with one way or another for a long time to come.

  4. I have no doubt that is exactly what would happen if I tried to preserve beetroot. Also I would knock it over on someone's white blouse or something clumsy.

    The earthquake makes no sense at all. I cannot imagine being in the midst of it. I think Sylvie's doing what we all wish we could do: wrap the hurting in a blanket, put a bandage on, and make it all okay again. Many thoughts to you and yours every day.

  5. Mmm, bet the burnt beets smelled fantastic. Roasted! Looking on the bright side...

    I'm sending love to you all from way over here, and hoping the healing has begun.

  6. Mum passed on a comment that she heard last week about helping children understand the earthquake. Can't remember his name but he's a popular NZ non-PC parenting guide sort.

    He said for older kids to tell them that the Earth farted. Just like when pressure builds up in our tummies and has to go somewhere, pressure built up inside the earth and the earthquake was how it was released. Then focus on the good news - rescues, people working together, community spirit etc.

    Well it made me laugh...

    After black saturday fires, state-wide floods, flash-floods akin to inland tsunami's, cat 5 cyclones and now earthquakes I sincerely hope our planet doesn't have any more digestive issues.

    Love to all