Monday, January 17, 2011

Things We Need

Who knew that New Year "goals" could be so satisfying? This year, I want to make things we need and things I enjoy making, and if there's some crossover between the two, then so much the better.
First on the list, some tog bags. For non-New Zealanders, togs are the NZ word for swimwear. I particularly like the word "togs" because it combines so neatly with the abbreviation for goggles. So, you can yell to your children "Go get your togs and gogs, we're off to the pool!".
For Harry's tog bag, some ultracute robot fabric combined with black cotton drill. The bags are lined with parka nylon, and instead of handles at the top, I put in two long channels to make them into drawstring bags. There's a wee loop at the bottom to secure the cord, so that when you pull it tight it becomes like a duffle bag.
Lets have a close up on that robot fabric. Awesome isn't it? It was a very kind gift from a friend.
For Sylvie's bag, some Japanese cotton-linen with wee bees and flowers. I was going to put a toggle on the cord...(okay, I'll pause here while we all laugh at the word "toggle". You know why.)...but the ones I saw in the fabric shop were too small for the cord, so I made a little fabric tube instead. It's several thicknesses so that it's nice and firm, and it functions in closing up the bag just fine.
Now that I think about it, this fabric was also a very kind gift from that same friend. I love these Japanese fabrics, not just the design but also the quality and the weight and the feel of the cotton-linen blend. They feel delicious.
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  1. Very cute bags, Miss Smith!
    I like the robot print and your very clever fabric toggle.
    Thanks also for the education in NZ-English! "togs and gogs". Love it!

  2. So cute! Though I have never used the word gogs, I shall try it next time ;)

  3. We keep forgetting the goggles. We always leave the pool with Sweeney's eyes on fire. Thinking I should toughen up and go to the beach more.

  4. Your children are so lucky. They have been spared a childhood of taking their togs in a shopping bag while everybody else has nice swimming bags. I suppose its never too late to be a better parent and I'd like to think perhaps the little boys might get one before they leave home.

  5. Those are so adorable! I love that robot fabric so much.

    I will start saying "togs" now, too, because it goes with "goggles" and because it is FAB. :)

  6. If toggle makes you laugh, what about woggle? We used them to keep our scout scarves together. Check out wiki for more info :)

  7. ha- i had a little laugh about 'woggle', i haven't thought about that in ages.
    those swimbags are awesome. i need to make some too, and am very tempted to totally rip off your design.

  8. Love! I keep having sewing-envy. Perhaps I should put sewing on my list of goals this year. Make myself some tog and gog bags ;)