Friday, January 28, 2011

Projects of the teenage variety

Blogfriends, there's nothing like losing your camera to delay a blogpost, that's all I can say.
Well it's been a busy week at ours. My 13-year-old niece came to stay, so it's been a week of swimming in the river, going to the beach, shopping, cursing the contents of eachother's ipods, and (for me) learning 13-year-old vocabulary. I am SO with it now.
We also embarked on a project to sew something together. She chose the fabric and the pattern and I helped her out with the sewing. The thing I love about a handmade thing, this sewing project included, is that it is essentially a little glimpse into someone's mind. You see a unique part of their individuality and their creativity.
She chose this pattern, New Look 6872, made up with a cotton poplin fabric with a bright floral print. Now, she is 13 and she likes to shop, but there was a certain gleam of pride with choosing this fabric in that it was only $5 per metre, making this an $8.50 skirt. She does have that Smith thrifty-gene after all! And doesn't it look cool all made up?
She cut out most of it, sewed the side seams and the pockets, sewed the gathering lines, and applied the interfacing. Rather a good effort, don't you think? I did a few bits and bobs, but this is really her skirt. I love it.
Being the creative person that she is, she also found a great use for the offcuts. This little monster is going to go on her school bag.
And now that we've had our last trips away, and our last visitor, it really feels like the long summer holidays are on the way out. The last week will be reserved for haircuts and school wardrobe labelling and freezer filling and other such mundane activities, but oddly enough, I'm totally ready for it. Everything has its season, school holidays included.
Have a great week everyone!
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  1. Ah! Love it! I love the collaboration, the product, fabric choice, thrifty Smith gene, the little flowery border around the photo, her proud smile, and the cute little creature for the backpack!
    PLUS: a bonus for me, the green of the background!!!!


  2. very cute! she did a great job!
    looking forward to her blog someday with the smith family humour!

  3. very cute all round, skirt, monster and neice. It's a great achievement at any age to sew a garment that you can wear and enjoy.

  4. That skirt is fantastic! She did a great job. The little critter my favorite part--she's crafty and thrifty, both! Well done. :)

  5. I think Elena will remember the week for a long time with much fondness and the skirt is a masterpiece.

  6. Great work team! That skirt looks TERRIFIC! Elena you can come up and sew with me sometime when our renovation has been done!

  7. Haha thanx Jen it was an awesome week!. I think that that photo of me is probably the worst but still very cute border! I just made my second score with the fly swat. a massive fly that was buzzing around my room and i was determind to get it!The skirt was so much fun and wish me luck for college tomorrow! and my little monster on the backpack. and Mary-anna i'd love to come up and sew with you! Im actually coming up to auckland in july for a conference so i might see you then!
    Once again thanx sooo much!
    with the 13yr old volcabulary!
    and the ipod wars....
    much love xx