Monday, November 29, 2010

The Homemade Gift Round-up

Christmas is only a few weeks away, but I don't feel that panicked about it because we have a very manageable gift regime in my extended family. We all get assigned one person and one person only to get a gift for. The budget is around the $10-or-less mark, and home-made or second-hand are perfect. I tell you, we are all as thrifty as eachother and it's a thrill to see what we can get for the smallest amount of money. With that in mind, I thought I'd do a wee 20-item round-up of ideas that might interest you if you like making home-made stuff. Some of it you may have seen before if you read this blog regular-like. I apologize for that, but this pony only has so many tricks. Are you in? Cool! Let's go.
1. A panettone to show off your homemade candied peel.
2. Some dried herbs from your garden.
3. A homemade apron, maybe this one, all packaged up with a wooden spoon and a nice recipe.
4. Some homemade lip balm.
5. A jar of lemon or passionfruit curd.
6. A jar of tomato relish or beetroot relish.
7. Make some labneh.
8. A bottle of homemade vinaigrette or herb vinegar.
9. An offer to do something, like babysit or clean the oven.
10. Sew some pillowcases.
11. Some homemade pancake mix and instructions how to cook it.
12. Homemade jam or jelly (it's the tight-wad's friend!).
13. Sew a cute reversible purse, or a lunch bag
14. I like this idea to make a trivet using old linens- doilies, tablecloths, commemorative teatowels...
15. Make some cucumber pickle
16. Print some lovely retro paper dolls on magnetized sheets, cut them out, and put them in a biscuit tin, all ready to be played with.
17. Print a little village onto some cardstock, all ready to assemble the little houses and shops as great accessories for a small person's trainset.
18. Give a christmas gift to a local conservation project,
19. Or, give something to someone who has nothing?
20. Or, ditch presents altogether and all pitch in for Christmas dinner instead.

What are your favourite homemade gift ideas? Go on, leave a link or two, I'd love to see what you'll be making.


  1. We're saying it with jam around here. I've just got to get up the courage to pay $20 for the printable sheets for printing out fancy labels to go on the jars. Feeling very virtuous but not quite so organised.

  2. No home made gifts around here, no saving all that homemade goodness for my summer wardrobe. Still, I am looking forward to some homemade cooking for Christmas dinner... hmm, I believe I am buying for you this year, so if you want some goodness, better pray for store bought.

  3. "this pony only has so many tricks" I might need to embroider that on a pillow! (another homemade idea?)

  4. I'm making a leopard-skin pillbox hat for my secret santa at work. The price tag is $10, with a clearance hat frame and a remnant of leopard skin minky, it should be fun.

    Otherwise, I'm working on a quilt for mom. She bought the fabric for it, but between batting and backing and shipping, I guess it isn't a tight-wad's dream...

    Also knitting hats for my brothers, and for a few friends in the N.Hemisphere. Associates in the S.Hemisphere will be getting sun hats. It's a very hatty Christmas for me, I just realized...

    I like to make pies for people, too. Sat it with sweet potato! Cheap and transcendental.

  5. Hey that meddybemps miniature village looks particularly fun. Loads of good ideas, the main thing here is to make something that everyone else doesn't. Mustard would be good actually because we all roll out the Christmas ham. Let us know how your mustards work out.

  6. Raiding the bead stash and making earrings, stitch markers for the knitters, bracelets and even a hanging in the window sun catcher thing.
    And bath salts is my standard and the one I always get requests for.

  7. I love this list! I am giving a couple of those things this year already (jam, anyone?) and am always looking for more ideas.

    Here's one for you--crocheted potholders. Get a book of crochet blocks from the library (free!) and use up your scraps. It'll be perfect for your granny, and she'll probably think it's too pretty to use. Yay!

  8. This is a great list of ideas jen. Im making some felt christmas decorations as my cheap as chips gifts.

  9. From what I know of Miss Smith, this is the Miss Smithiest post of them all! I love your ideas for homemade!

  10. Hey, what a great list! thank you for inspiring me in these last few days before Christmas. I shall make my kids quick pasta for tea, leave the washing up and head for my stash to make some last minute goodies! Have a happy week, KP