Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's no place like home

Every spring, the wee ones and I head off to my home town, Dunedin, for a wee holiday to take in the town and spend some time with family. I love Dunedin, it still feels like home and it's full of good memories. The train station is one of them, because we used to head off on our Stewart Island holidays from here when I was little.
I remember my Mum waiting at these amazing ticket windows to buy our train tickets when I was just a little tot. All these ticket windows and the tiles are Royal Doulton don't you know? Dunedin does grand so well. I had great plans of taking my own children up to our next stop, Central Otago, on the train that goes from this station, but we spent all our holiday money on going to the movies, so we drove instead. I am pleased to say that we have a new memory of the train station, though, because we went to the Farmers Market there on Saturday morning, where I had a fabulous bacon buttie.
Next stop, Ranfurly, where the art deco buildings are so cute that they warrant a photo.
And if we're talking cute, how about this little car and garage on the way to St Bathans?
And the Vulcan Hotel in the St Bathans township, which is so iconic it's almost funny.
There aren't that many ruins in New Zealand, so if you find one, it deserves a photo: May I introduce the old school buildings in St Bathans.
Do you ever find that your past comes back to haunt you at the oddest times? When we were little, my sister and I used to drive Mum mad with giggling inappropriately during the Catholic mass on Sunday. The more angry she got, the more hilarious it became. We egged eachother on and drove her to distraction. On the way home in the plane yesterday, my children were giggling away together about kicking the seat in front, which I'm sure you can believe is a very annoying thing to do. The more I told them off, the better the game became for them. They kicked it every time I turned away, and dissolved into uncontrollable giggles. I asked nicely, threatened severe consequences, tried a dozen different control measures, but nothing worked. I was so cross I felt like I'd explode. Life comes full circle.


  1. Things come full circle alright, I've just burnt a whole tray of peanuts and that's something I remember happening a lot. Pleased the little rascals had a good trip home...

  2. I was born in Dunedin, and even though we left for Hamilton when I was 8, I still remember places like the train station and the botanic gardens. Just gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pics and bringing back memories for this homesick Kiwi!

  3. It's so nice seeing these snapshots from home! Glad you guys had a nice holiday, talking to mum it sounds like she had an equally good time having you guys to stay