Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Sylvie is 5" It shouted.

It's just as well I have lots of robots rolling around this house because otherwise how would I remember important events? This robot came in beeping the other day with a message on its screen:

In case you can't read that here it is up close:
Actually, I hadn't forgotten that Sylvie is freshly 5, we had a wee party for her when we were down south (Doon Sooth) and she got some pressies and all that, but what with illness and holidays we haven't had a party for her Nelson friends yet.
Can I confess that I am simultaneously terrified and delighted by children's parties? I love planning the cake and the dinky little snacks and the games, but the actual execution is quite stressful. It's the shy person's lament, loving the idea of a party but being stressed out by all the people. And that's another mystery- how on earth can it be that I come from a family of 11 and yet I hate being in big groups of people? Sheesh. Don't ask me.
Anyway, Sylvie and I have planned a cute little party in a couple of weeks' time: The Gingerbread Man Butterfly Party. I am open to suggestions of games but there will be decorating of gingerbread people and a cake with butterflies on it. What else can you think of?
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  1. Butterflies and cakes reminds me of when Grandad went through a phase of baking those cupcakes where you slice off the top, put cream on them and then put the two halves of the top on to look like wings. They were so cute! Love the birthday robot. I'm sure the party will be a lot of fun!! Happy birthday Sylvie!

  2. What a lovely momento of a 5 year old birthday. Party games? Will they be emotionally robust enough for 'don't eat sam', and pass the parcel without a present for everybody?

  3. I think Annarose forgot to mention that the butterfly cakes also contained "sour" cream, aged the old-fashioned way, or have I got that memory confused with the lamingtons that used to come home from Verkerks?

    At any rate, happy birthday Sylvie, hope you enjoy your new school life.

  4. oh to be 5 again! happy birthday sylvie! (and nice robot, mom! or are you mum?)

  5. Happy birthday to both of you!

    The librarian in me asks if you can read the story and let the little ones re-enact it, kind of an outside chase sort of thing? They could take turns being the gingerbread escapee/

    Have fun! Take pictures of the cake!

  6. Love the robot!! Happy Birthday Silvie!! Hope all is well and I will see you all in the hols!

  7. What about a t4reasure hunt that's always a good party game. Are the parents staying on as well? Or will you be able to persuade them to leave. That always cuts down on party stress In my experience .