Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently I've recieved some truly lovely and variously hilarious gifts from out of the blue. How lucky am I? Tell you what, I'm so lucky that if I fell in a sewer I'd be wearing a brown suit.
This robot fabric came all the way from Maine, USA. It was a thoughtful and unexpected gift from one of my favourite crafters, Iris. Thanks Iris! I will try to do it justice. By the way, did I ever mention that we were going to make Sylvie's middle name Iris, but when it came to filling in the birth certificate we forgot? True story.
This little robot soap-on-a-rope was a gift from my sister, Marg. I love these wee treasures. It's too good to use of course.
This rather amusingly anatomical lemon was a gift from a friend who knows how much I enjoy things with a rude twist. We have shown this lemon to many friends and visitors as a sort of personality test. I am pleased to say that all passed with flying colours by roaring with laughter. I hope you see the funny side. There's the funny side, right there, looking out at you.
Have a great week everyone!
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  1. I laughed right away!! It's almost a whole year ago you shared with us your love of rude things....

  2. That lemon is too funny! Do you keep a photo catalogue of funny fruit & vegies? I've seen the male counterpart to that lemon :-)

  3. Oh, and I think you showing friends and visitors the lemon as a personality test sounds like the basis of a David Sedaris story!

  4. Pah ha ha!

    Love the sewer - brown suit reference, thanks to my Uncle Ralph in Adelaide for that!

    I don't get the joke with the lemon tho......nah just tricking!

  5. Nicola how many years ago was it that you told me the sewer/brown suit thing? I've been waiting all. this. time. to slip it into conversation!

  6. i have no idea why that lemon is unusual. gosh you're strange.

  7. Will have to show Sylvan that robot soap-on-a-rope. We have recently been discussing S.O.A.R. here, as a concept. The children have never met one in person. So this will prove that we are not making it up! And doesn't it coordinate nicely with the fabric!

    I do love the naughty lemon.

  8. Rude fruit is one of my favorite things, too! I am inspired to start a photographic journal of the hilarious things that grow out of the tomatoes in my garden. LOL!

    I love your blog!

  9. Well. done. you! I can't believe you remembered it after all this time!

  10. Here's a feijoa to go with your lemon :)