Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chicken pox, nude robots, and a happy place

It's chicken poxy at my house this week. After 6 days of being at home with a sick 7-year-old lad, I would like now to extend my personal thanks to the makers of Lego, Club Penguin, and DVD players, all of which have made our week tolerable under the circumstances.
But enough about chickens and their disgusting contagious diseases. This week I started on a very thrilling commission: two robots who are in love. You can tell they're in love because of the soft focus in the photo. You know why I am so fond of making robots? Because they are shamelessly silly. I never want to take my craft passtimes too seriously, and making robots, I know I never will. I stayed up late last night making some really hilarious control panels. I literally laughed out loud. That's LOL to you computer types.
There have been many moments this week where I caught myself wishing I was on holiday somewhere beautiful with no work deadlines and with healthy, non-irritable children. I kept going back to look at the photos from our last holiday in Collingwood. I know there are people out there who like going to different places each time they go on holiday, but I like going to the same place again and again.
When we were small, our parents used to organize our family of 11 to Stewart Island for our holidays. I was asking Mum how she managed the logistics of it, especially since we lived in Dunedin, which is quite far away, and we didn't even have a car. She started to list off some of things she did, and then she paused, and said "Actually, I have no idea how I did that." I'm glad she found a way to do it, because holiday memories are happy places in my mind.
She also told me that when we were little, the oldest four children got measles, mumps, and then chicken pox all in a row. That put my week in perspective. Thank goodness for mothers, and thank goodness for those clever people who formulated vaccines for most of these diseases.
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  1. Aw, will we get to see your robo-lovers when they have their control panels on?

    Mum says that I got german measles and chicken pox at the same time. I'm rather glad I don't remember it all that well! Hope the dreaded pox is all over with for you by now :)

  2. Are they a pair of very coy lovers or do you still have to stitch the control panels on? I was scrolling down looking for the full frontal that never came.

    Good luck with the poxy ones. In our house, talking books sometimes help too.

  3. Eek! May the calamine lotion flow freely in your house and the control panels continue to make you lol!

  4. Oh, the pox! I know this is terrible, but I'd really quite like Sweeney to get it and be done with it, but his immune system thwarts me ... I'd love a week of lego and dvds and books and trains ...

  5. Oh, be still my heart. Those robots are already quite lovely! I'm so excited!

    Chicken pox, huh? Very itchy when I had it.Hope everyone is better and resting well soon.

    *I like going to the same place on holiday too!

  6. Those robots look like they are going to shape up into something fabulous. Sorry to hear about the chicken pox. Me and Thomas have matching chicken pox scars on the insides of our elbows, which still cracks me up.
    And I remember mum wondering the same thing about Grandma when we went to Stewart Island!

  7. Cute bots - can't WAIT to see their control panels..

  8. even getting one baby to Stewart island feels like a huge hassle and all we have to do is drive from Invercargill to Bluff and catch a one hour fast ferry. I am amazed that mum organized getting all of us down there from Dunedin. Louis got the chickenpox jab the other day; he remembered the nurse from the previous time and squeeled like a stuck pig but we got through it. Ken

  9. That is really inspiring, eleven and no car! I've been carless for quite a while and whine whine whine most of the time. Could I use a tenth of that resourcefulness and spunk!

  10. i'm glad mr H is feeling better and back at school. and those robots are intriguing- can't wait to see them finished!
    p.s. your mum's a legend.

  11. Okay firstly sorry to hear abpout the dreaded pox.
    Secondly, the lovey-dovey robots sound cool. I want to see their control panels now...
    Thridly, I can't believe you come from such a huge family. Lucky you!