Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Bridebot and Groombot

She was beautiful. He was handsome. They were programmed for marriage.
She loved bikes and she didn't care who knew it. She displayed it proudly on her control panel.

And somehow, because she loved bikes so much, he loved them too.
Their robot wedding was beautiful. They danced the robotdance and kissed each other with their robot lips.

The bridebot and groombot were a special commission job, which only encouraged me in my silly robot ways. In real life, the bride and groom both love biking, but she was the one who got him into it, hence their informative control panels. I haven't had so much fun making a robot since, oh, well, last time I made a robot. I chuckled away to myself as I stitched them up. They've gone to live in the big ole U S of A now, but I think they may have been cavity searched at customs because the package arrived disheveled and torn. Well, it's not surprising really. They are extremely technologically advanced and I'm not at all surprised that someone thought they might threaten national security.

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  1. Oh Miss Smith, you and your sister have quite the sense of humor!

    "They were programmed for marriage"--did you hear me laugh all the way from NJ??

  2. wonderful - esp being programmed for each other! can't go wrong with that!!

  3. LOVE THEM! hope they didn't get too roughed up by customs.

  4. Very sweet Miss Smith - I'm sure the cake looked SO cool - a very original wedding indeed!

    That seersucker does look awfully light to me. I'm sure you could make a lovely top out of it. (it says geek chic to me)

  5. They ARE fabulous and so are these lovely photos! Thank you!

  6. They are truly hilarious. That lucky couple

  7. Could it have been the I love bikes that made the customs people suspect them? Or perhaps their obvious love for each other? You don't think they were caught in a compromising position do you?! I mean, newlyweds and all... The journey from NZ might have been a bit long!

    Love them. So sorry to hear about your little Sylvie! Hope she is on the mend.


  8. These, like all of your robots, are absolutely fantastic.
    Programmed for marriage? awesome.

  9. Mahahahahaha hahahaha and again I say hahahha - very much enjoyed that post.

  10. May they live happily ever after.

  11. absolute gold. ride like the wind, bots!