Monday, August 2, 2010

Practicality and flattery

Sometimes my frivolous, fun, but ultimately rather pointless craft projects must give way to practical items required for day-to-day living. This isn't a great burden because I like making even the most pedestrian of household items. I just like making stuff.
In this most practical of categories lies hottie covers. I perused flickr groups (check out the recycled sweater group for lots of great ideas) and various blogs looking for inspiration, but in the end, I went for the ultimate in practical - polarfleece. Machine washable, soft, cuddleable, it's got everything except retro charm. For decoration ideas I turned to my favourite designers, Harry and Sylvie. I shamelessly copied Sylvie's little person for her hottie cover, and she was delighted.
And for Harry's I just had to copy his octopus that he drew on my mother's day card. I think it's hilarious.

The back of each hottie cover has a simple envelope closure, with one side overlapping the other and each edge finished with bias binding. No buttons or velcro because they just end up being uncomfortable when you're resting your feet on them.
Next sewing project: A party dress for myself to wear to my sister's birthday party in a couple of week's time. I just know she will have sewed something for herself, and if I sew something too we can participate in our favourite pass time- checking out eachother's sewing mistakes and teasing eachother about our degree of good/bad taste. Sisters love to bicker. It's a fact.
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  1. Well done! That octopus is truly wonderful.

    But---I was noticing the form and shape of the hottie cover and thinking there was something decidedly robotic about it! Can you see it? Could be a whole new take on hottie covers. I will be first in line to purchase one, if you get into production. Or wait: can I officially commission you for one?!


  2. I am rubbing my hands with glee - I cannot WAIT to see your party dress. Mine is going to be VERY silly indeed so there's going to be a hot hot competition.

    My "hogget" jacket is progressing nicely. Gosh darn that blimmin fabric is just too old for me. Who would have thought that fabric could be age appropriate? It's screamin' Maori Hill matriarch.

  3. What a great blogpost.Jen.The hotie covers are really great.HArry and Sylvie will long remember you making those for them.
    Im hoping that Maryanna will have a reject or two that I could try on to wear at her party

  4. Yes I was thinking I might have to scrounge something from MA'S ample wardrobe for me too, short of my fairy grandmother turning up; plenty or raw material, mice and pumpkins anyway.
    The hottie covers are wonderful. Love the hairstyle on Sylvies girl and the way you have sharpened up the stare on the octopus.
    Jude had a great browse on your blog the other day and then he turned around to me and said 'You should make things'.

  5. How lovely!! Sweeney has a yellow and black hottie cover with a bee's head on top - not a real one - that's cosy-plus. But the rest of our hotties are nude, and now I have a clue how to proceed with them. Thanks, Miss Smith!!

  6. ooo how fun - I lvoe the octopus too - hes just great!

  7. i love those so very much. your kids must love them too- their very own personalised art!

  8. They are so cute! I'll bet your kids were delighted that you used their designs - what a lovely thing to make for them.