Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make my oysters cinnamon

Sometimes I become obsessed with a recipe. Okay, maybe 'obsessed' is a little too strong, but you know how it is when you think of that delicious thing the minute you wake up, and you look at pictures of it in cookbooks just to remind yourself how good it looks, and you look for any occasion, any occasion at all, to justify making it?
Actually 'obsessed' was the right word, wasn't it.
My name is Jenny and I am obsessed with cinnamon oysters. To fulfil your cinnamon oyster obsession you need a genuine cinnamon oyster tin, this 'Bonco' tin with no rust and no dents was waiting for me to find it at the local antique shop, and I paid a full $15 for it without even blinking.

Then you need a recipe. There's a good one in my favourite baking books, these two little treasures.
I wont bother writing out the recipe because it's already available online, right here. Now that you've assembled everything you need you can whip your cinnamon oysters up in a flash. If you want to get all fancy pantsy you can make these glamourous alternatives, ginger and lemon oysters.
Oh but they are good. They are so good. All the obsessing just made them even better.
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  1. Oh YUM! I love when I go places and these are there. On my list of things to make, but maybe not today.... thanks for the link to the recipe :)

  2. Miss Smith your photography is so fabulous - and I know your oysters tasted great too - you are such a talented person.

  3. They look so delicious and I can see that a muffin tin simply will not do at all. Must have a scrounge in the bottom of my cupboards. Here's hoping...

  4. My name is jenny and I'm.....

    I was sure I was sitting in a COA meeting.( that is cinnamon oysters annonymous )

    They look so delicious.!!

  5. Caster sugar? Golden syrup? I wonder about the Americanized name for these things?

    And..they're not oysters at all! How funnily delightful!

  6. Ah. I see. A very fine sugar and something like corn syrup. Mmmmm. I will try these indeed.

  7. o boy, they look like ginger kisses but better because they're homemade. definitely gonna give em a try. i'm on the trawl for new recipes for my family to try. thanks for the inspiration.

  8. o boy, they look like ginger kisses but better because they're homemade. definitely gonna give em a try. i'm on the trawl for new recipes for my family to try. thanks for the inspiration.

  9. You are such a south-of-the south South Islander! If I even mention cinnamon oysters in other parts of the country people think I'm nuts. I remember making them a few years ago with my seniors... everyone made perfect oysters except for my flat rubbery embarrasing things. I have improved since then...

  10. yum!! now i am desperately thinking of an occasion to befit a batch of COs. yours look so light and perfect!

  11. I always wondered what those funny looking tins were for. My attempt at oyster turned out more like Miss Flossie's - little deflated rubbery things. Maybe I need to get me some tins.

  12. Hi Jen,

    Ken said "Don;t those cinnamon oysters on Jen's blog look great" - Translate "Can you please make some of those?" I don;t have the tins and when the recipe says you can use muffin tins "at a pinch", you know they are giving a disclaimer. "Your oysters will turn out badly and I told you so". Instead, I am going to make ginger kisses - similar concept but easier - and in true white trash fashion I have to adsmit I like mock cream filling rather than the real thing - which ginger kisses calls for.

    The date and fruit loaf from that book are great staples - and Marion Bennett's gingerbread I quite liked too.

    Love Mary

    (PS Enjoying your WWI blog too).

  13. I never knew after all the cinnamon oysters I have eaten that there are special tins for making these delights! I guess I need to take more notice, its kinda obvious when you look at the rounded tops - you do present them upside down, don't you?
    Have you got the new Rural Woman cookbook that is taking every one by storm, and they are having to reprint it? 'A Good Spread'. All tried and true and lots of good country basics, that's what I am cooking from at the moment. And I will have to check if the CO recipe is in there.

  14. OK, I admit I was scared by the title of this post when I saw it in my reader. Cinnamon oysters, really? I'm thinking wow, those NZ-ers are really cuisine-forward. Imagine my delight when I braced myself and opened the post to find your lovely treats here that have nothing to do with oysters from the sea (which to me have the consistency of a cold blob of snot)!
    Hooray for your cinnamon oysters!
    How about you bring them to our pizza party for dessert?

  15. I know neither these books OR these oysters. Silly me.