Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy as a little pup

Yes, I am as happy as a little pup (even though I burnt the pikelets this morning) because I'm off to Auckland tomorrow for my sister's birthday. I've made her something really cheap and really weird, because that's her favourite type of gift, and also our familial personality type. But you have to wait till next week to see it because I can't spoil the surprise.
And do you know what else? I'm now among the ranks of people who live in warm houses, because next to our nice warm tapa cloth there now resides a nice new warm heat pump. Who says they don't belong in 140-year-old houses? They are awesome in 140-year-old houses, let me tell you that for nothing!

Happy long weekend to me! Woops, I mean, to you!
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  1. Hooray for the heat pump! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that picture!! Congratulations! Love Vic.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend you Smith gals! Soak up the time and relaxation and indulgence, all of it!

  3. Hurah for heat pump! Looking forward to sharing ours with you tomorrow!