Monday, August 23, 2010

Cheap and Weird

We have a new tag title for our family's dominant personality trait: Cheap and weird. My sister came up with it but it describes us all perfectly. It is meant in the nicest possible way, of course. I just had the best weekend hanging out with people who are as cheap and weird as I am.
What better to celebrate a significant birthday of my sister than a cheap and weird present? I made her a knitted bunch of flowers to decorate her sewing room. They never wilt (unless a small person pulls the skewer out from the stem, ahem), and they never die. They go on blossoming for a soft, warm, crafty, home-made eternity.
The bunch of flowers contained some knitted roses. Link. They're knitted on two needles so they're easy as pie (changes: I used double knitting wool and 3 mm needles, cast on 60 or so stitches, and knitted a stem instead of leaves using my own pattern, as follows:
Stem pattern: Cast on 12 stitches on dpns (4 each needle), work in the round for 2 rows, k2tog at the beginning of each needle in the following round (9 stitches remain), knit two more rounds. k2 tog at the beginning of each needle in the next round (6 stitches remain), k another round. Transfer remaining stitches onto one dpn. k 1, k2 tog, k 1, k 2 tog (4 stitches remain). Knit an icord to desired length using remaining 4 stitches. Link to youtube for how to knit an icord. Sew onto flower at the base. Insert a skewer or pipe cleaner to make it rigid.
I also knitted a few tulips. Link to tulip pattern. These are knitted on 4 needles so the're a little more fiddly, but they're pretty quick and they're a great stash buster.
And here they are, all together. There is a rogue petunia in there too. That wasn't so hard to knit but the weaving in of ends was too much hassle for me to contemplate knitting another one. The pattern for the petunia, as well as several other flowers, is available free here at Lion Yarns.
And here's Auckland, in case you've never seen it, or forgotten what it looks like. It's a great city for a weekend with your cheapest weirdest friends.


  1. Gorgeous!! I love those flowers...perhaps a good wee project for me to start at Stitch and Bitch...

  2. Oooooooooooooh! I may have to modify my order to include a knitted bouquet! And Auckland looks like the future to me! Super cool skyline!

  3. They are gorgeous Miss Smith and they look PERFECT in my hallway. Thank you for making me such a cool present. Love from your cheap and weird sister.xx

  4. Lovely lovely knitted flowers, well done Miss Smith! I am starting to think about homemade Christmas presents; these flowers are giving me some inspiration!

  5. Hmm, beautiful flowers, lucky sister! very cool present!

  6. i love those flowers so much. they're even better than real flowers, and that's saying something.
    i'm glad you had a fun weekend!

  7. Gorgeous!!!
    funny, I accidentally made one of these flowers last night (minus the stem) after I ballsed up a bit of knitting. Might have a go at making some more now :)

  8. I loved the contrast between the lovely flowers and unlovely Auckland ;-)