Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guava jelly, and a haiku

Good morning,
Today I bring you a haiku that I wrote about making guava jelly from cherry guavas, from my friend's garden. I wrote a haiku because today I am a little bored, and I am avoiding doing paid work and housework. Would you like to meet those cherry guavas? Here they are. Hi guys!

Cherry guava jelly- A haiku

Sugar, lemon juice
Guavas, sour, red, beautiful
Now jelly, for toast

Here's how to make guava jelly. Barely cover fruit with water and simmer until soft, about 30 min. Cool, strain through a sieve (don't squeeze it! no no no! don't make it cloudy for heaven's sakes!) and measure the liquid. Add an equal volume of sugar, the juice of 1 lemon, and boil until you reach a set (to test for the set, I keep a stack of saucers in the freezer, then test a spoonful on the saucer every couple of minutes after about 10 minutes boiling. It's set when the surface wrinkles as you push your finger through it). If you are so inclined, write a small poem about it, and post it on your blog where people can freely laugh at how silly you are.

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  1. Miss Smith, you are ace
    Your hilarious ode rocks
    Must be SOME jelly

  2. You're a great jelly maker Jen. Are they what we used to call 'cranberries' and where do you get them from? Or is it best not to ask...

  3. What an awesome colour jelly they made. I love guavas. I could do with some guava jelly right now to go with my peanut butter sandwich, will have to go find a guava tree!

  4. Hi, quick and probably stupid question, but do you put the whole cherry guava in or scoop out the middle. I've never made jelly before and we just bought a house that has a couple of cherry guava trees. Thought this might be a good way to use some. Thanks

    1. Yes, just boil them up, skin and all. The skin will give a beautiful colour and they're not difficult to get rid of because you strain out all the solids before you add the sugar.