Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ittier and Bittier

Hello viewers, how are y'all today? Sometimes time just flies by and before I know it it's two whole weeks since I last updated. Sheesh! Anyway, last time I was debating whether to decorate the little red shoes I made, and I must say thanks for all those great suggestions and comments. In the end, I decided that a fusion between decoration and practicality was in order. I love those little shoes, heavens to Murgatroyd I do, but I suspected that they would fall off in a trice and leave Mother and Baby both cursing in their own favourite fashion. Hence, I added some elastic with a button either side to hold it in place.
Those little red shoes may have been itty and bitty, but I have since made some that are much ittier and bittier. That's because my friend just had a lovely, itty, bitty, tiny girl named Nola, and tiny girls named Nola need tiny crossover booties made from flecked sock wool. That's a fact.
These were knitted from the free Saartje's booties pattern, here, found via ravelry. Super quick, super cute. Super way of using up the leftover sock wool, too.
By the way, who out there is fond of a little schadenfruede every now and then? If you want to see possibly some of the meanest ever comments about a craft item, have a look at the comments here. My favourite one was the person who said that it looked like a pile of clown vomit. Aiyeee~!


  1. very nice Miss Smith - I feel though, that you could have put a sausage dog's head at one end of the elastic and its bottom at the end - then you could have really combined practicality and decoration to a most becoming effect.

    I was sure you were going to link us to regretsy but no, a bonafide rant on a bonafide site. Clown's vomit indeed.

    My wadder is nearly complete. If you like, when I finally get round to finishing it and posting it, you may like to leave something along the lines of clown vomit, as I myself most certainly will be doing, and then you can link to me as well. I'm all up for craft shadenfreude, even my own.

  2. Clown Vomit - it that when you vomit clown or a clown vomits? Either way not pretty. Some say if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Others would say if you can't say anything nice, come site beside me. It's refreshing to read a little snipe every now and then.

  3. I don't think you'll have many readers who don't follow up that link! It's a sort of fascinating horror. Looks like things just snowballed on that site. Cutie booties and given that those ones will actually stay on I bet they get alot of use too.

  4. Nola and her mom will be so proud! Miss Smith, your talent never ceases to amaze me!

  5. Heavens to Murgatroyd AND schadenfreude in one post. You are truly an artist. A great, great artist.
    The slippers aren't half bad, either ...

  6. love those little booties with their elastic closure. very stylish.
    man, i can't believe those MEAN commenters... and yet something about them is strangely compelling...

  7. Cutuest boots ever. Likewise - there is something compelling about reading all those horrible comments.