Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy muthes day

There's nothing I like better than a home-made card for Mother's Day, especially one that comes in an appropriately labeled envelope, on my breakfast-in-bed tray (coffee and honey on toast, yummy).

Harry thought a lot about what to write in his card for me. I think he was remarkably thoughtful- "Dear Mum, Hey mum how is your sewing going? Are you making any of those robots? Bye."

He also made me a robot because he knows I like them. Isn't it awesome? I can see I'll end up copying this in some form next time I'm sewing a robot.
And Sylvie picked this lovely flower for me, made me a beautiful card with a flower on it, put it in an envelope, and wrote "Mummy" on it.

What a great Mother's Day. You know, I never thought I'd get into Mother's Day in a big way. Part of me thought it was just a big tacky commercial campaign to get people to buy pots and vaccuum cleaners and perfume. But now that I have two little children who make me special things and beautiful cards and who go out of their way to tell me they love me, I like Mother's Day a lot.

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  1. Jen that is so cute. Harry's drawn robot skeleton parts, nuts and bolts and metal peices and I love Sylvie's seagull 'Mummy'.

  2. Those are spectacular works of art! What a lucky Mum you are : )

  3. sweet flowers!
    haha- love harry's card. that boy cracks me up. happy mother's day to you. x

  4. so adorable and heart-warming!

  5. So sweet.
    I think it can get very commercialised, but sweet handmade cards and presents from your kids are so special far better than any fancy vacuum cleaner!

  6. very sweet Miss Smith, indeed, a very wholesome and innocent expression of maternal devotion. But I know their genes: in a few years' time you'll be getting something *thoughtful* from Regretsy.

  7. Hi Jen - harry's robots and sylvies drawings are pretty talented. SOunds like you had a really nice day

  8. Awesome. What a nice and clever pair of kids they are ...

  9. I love the way clear plastic tape becomes a medium itself, more than just a mere fixative!
    These are sweet things indeed.
    A lovely start to the day!