Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Botanical Strip Show (Discretion Advised)

I love this time of year. As well as the beautiful soft late-autumn light, which somehow makes me melancholy yet happy at the same time, there's the fantastic show put on by the trees. Is it only me, or does everyone love seeing what's under those leaves? I just love plant architecture- the branching patterns and the way plants' limbs occupy space. My family got the 'quirky interests' genes in spades, I think.
These lime trees are so lush in summer, but in winter their knobbly skeletons are just as beautiful.

These two oaks by the dairy crack me up. Why does the one on the left get its kit off so quickly while the other hangs onto its leaves till the last moment? Is it just modesty?
Then there's the conifers. Too modest by half. They never shed their leaves, they just snuggle down under their needles and keep their branches away from prying eyes. Selfish.
New Zealand plants, even though few are deciduous, are much more obliging. This wee Stephen's Island kowhai doesn't let the leaves mask its cute zig-zig branches.
And here is a seed pod that should make you all guffaw. Remember our discussion a while back about Yonic Symbols? Get a load of this?!
I found it while I was out walking with the kids the other night. I roared with laughter. The wee ones rushed back to look. "What's so funny, Mum?"
"Kids, sometimes plants just make me so happy!"
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  1. Between you and your sister...your family is a riot!

  2. By now I really look forward to the leaves coming down, not just that Mum is here to rake them up,and oodles of other chores besides, but to get the extra light. Yeah, those oaks side by side but on a different timetable somehow. I wonder about that sort of thing myself, I always want to know why; can't say I ever put it down to modesty but you never know, the secret life of plants...

  3. I was cruising along with the lovely vibe about the leaves and the branches, but it was the excellent filth at the end that will stay with me ...

  4. Well miss Smith, it may be a rude post, but it's a wholesome, reflective and informative rude post. So that really cancels out the rude factor i'm afraid.

  5. you are very funny.
    it's nice to see my own little town in this way!

  6. I really enjoyed this post. I love your unique way of looking at ordinary things through fresh eyes

  7. yay glad the hat got slouchy! great to meet you :)