Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter is pink here.

Yippee yi yay, it's the start of the Autumn holidays! Yes sir, we now have two weeks of mucking around at home avoiding jobs that we've have been leaving until we have time. But no mucking around this weekend, no no no! This weekend I had an important mission (apart from making hot cross buns with lots of mixed peel in them, of course); I had to finish a quilt.
I started it way back then, and it was to be a crazy concoction with too much pink, because that's the way Sylvie likes things. It sat pieced and almost-finished for such a long time because I was conflicted over that blue stripe there, that one in the middle, you see it? I just didn't think it fitted and I couldn't think what to do about it. It was my friend who came up with the solution: Do nothing and finish it and then you won't care.

It's totally true, too. I don't care. I'm just glad it's finished because I have other things to get on with, like 12 metres of curtains for our living room (gulp). Do you like the way I didn't even clean up the floor before I took the photo? It's because you're my friend and I know you won't care about my messy house.
It's great finishing things you've started. Unfinished projects just clutter up your brain and kill any kind of creativity.
What are you doing this Easter? I hope your weekend activities include some kind of chocolate.
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  1. It's a gorgeous quilt! I actually had to tilt the computer away from Isla so she didn't see it!

  2. Such a nice quilt!
    I have my floppy eared chocolate bunny for Easter this year, so I'm all set in the chocolate dept.

  3. Fabulous! The quilt looks gorgeous - no doubt Sylvie just loves it. Kx

  4. Hey the bed's made, no messy there. The blue nicely balances the green it looks wonderful. I didn't get around to hot cross buns but it's still not too late...

  5. It is just utterly gorgeous. I absolutely love it, blue pink and all. Love V.

  6. Oh GORGEOUS beautiful loveliness! Love that pink.

    Did you say twelve METERS of curtains?!?! Is this a punishment for something that you haven't told us about? Community service window dressing torture as a payback to society?

    Good luck. I hope you really really LOVE the fabric!

  7. the resemblence of that robot to the real life Bill is quite spooky. You even got the "Mona Lisa" smirk perfect.

  8. Unfinished projects do clutter up your brains.
    I think what makes the big blue strip work is in part the small blue stripe in the strippy stripe, if I may express myself so badly. But really, it's the same kind of bright, light color as the pink, there's nothing wrong with it.